Community America Credit Union EXPOSED – Jewish Egyptian Catholic Freemason Knights Templar Symbolism

In this article, you will learn how the Egyptian Knights Templar Freemasons have created yet another bank logo with their secret society symbolism. Please see my first bank-related post about Waddell & Reed so you can better understand how this is not a coincidence, but rather a ritualistically contrived systematic pattern of financial logos using the sacred geometrical knowledge taught to the initiated few in their secret societies for the materialistic benefit and mockery of the completely enslaved humanity:

As you can see, they are using the same pyramid found in Egypt, the same pyramid found on the dollar bill, the same pyramid found on or in every Masonic lodge, and the same pyramid found on numerous other banks and organizations throughout the world.

You will have to decide for yourself if you want to believe that everything I am showing you is just as the government tells you, a “coincidence”, or rather what I am showing you is an actual secret society “conspiracy”, that they control the worlds economic system, and these banks and credit unions are just more examples of that “conspiracy”.

Here is the image of the Waddell and Reed logo.

Here is the logo for the Kansas Freemason Foundation.

And here is another logo from the Kansas Freemason Foundation. Clearly, they are very obsessed with the Egyptian pyramids, which “coincidentally” is on the most basic piece of our paper monetary system, the one dollar bill.

Next, I will show you the even more undeniable evidence related specifically to the “Community America Credit Union”.

On the Wikipedia page, it states that the Community America Bank has EXACTLY 33 BRANCHES. This is THE number of the Scottish Rite, who are descended from the Knights Templars, who created our modern day financial system.

Stay tuned because I have more evidence exposing pretty much every financial institution in existence on both a local and national level. Thank you for reading and sharing this research.

Author: Illuminati Exposed

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