Jesuit Ritual In Topeka, Kansas – Pedophile Priest John Pilcher

On 9/27/2021 it was reported that Topeka Mater Dei Catholic Parish Priest “John Pilcher” had received sexual assault allegations. In this article, you will learn how this was a contrived Jesuit Ritual.

Notice that 9/27 is the day in history that the Jesuit Order was formed. John Pilcher is the priest of the Catholic Church that is next to the Masonic Lodge and Capitol Building on 8th street.

Here is the front entrance of this church with the Jesuit IHS.

Look at how many times he says the word “sacrifice(s)”. What a creep!

This was a contrived Jesuit Satanic ritual synced up with the formation of the Jesuit Order.

Gavin Newsom is a Roman Catholic Jesuit Agent and Fraud just like Joe Biden

He says the “Jesuit approach” at Roman Catholic Jesuit Santa Clara University helped him become a “independent thinker”. What a load of Orwellian double think BULLSHIT. Jesuitism is the exact OPPOSITE of being an “independent thinker”. Jesuitism is the doctrine of the entire world being a slave of the Roman Catholic Church.

Remember the Jesuit Order directly controls most of Protestantism and Liberalism as evidenced by these two Jesuit Liberal Stooges, Gavin Newsom and Joe Biden.

The Jesuit Order will do ANYTHING to further their Satanic Pedophile Agenda. Just watch and you will see how the Jesuits are behind the upcoming California Election.

Red Velvet – Queendom – Music Video Decode – Alchemical Kabbalistic Illuminati Symbolism

This piece of Catholic Masonic propaganda begins with the descending into the sewer drains (underworld) with the drain cover containing an ancient alchemical symbol called the”Star of David” with the Sun and Moon located on it. These two triangles represent the upper and lower worlds, a theme that occurs repeatedly throughout this “music video”.

Then on the way into the underworld, they pass by a fan which contains another recurring theme throughout this video and the pop music industry which is number 17. Please see the links below to see that this is NOT a coincidence. In fact, this video even came out on a date with 17 numerology.

Next, you will notice that these poor Catholic sex slaves are treated like they are dogs not humans and they are openly mocking us about it. While their dumb fans cheer for them to continue being raped and murdered, I will continue exposing who their masters really are and keep fighting for their freedom. In this photograph you will also notice more octagon symbolism.

You can also notice that they are dancing in this “octagon” shaped room, with the same Illuminati “blood seal” on the floor. Also notice the red and blue which meet to make the color purple, which is the color of the aristocracy. That is why the crown of Queen Elizabeth is purple, because this color is sacred to the Phoenicians, Byzantines, Holy Roman Empire, and the Illuminati in general.

Then just when you thought it couldn’t be any more of a Catholic piece of propaganda, it gets even MORE obvious. Take a look at the ring that one of the actors is wearing. On it you will see the Catholic “fleur-de-lis”, which is also a symbol you will find on the previously mentioned crown above.

Next you will notice another example of “octagon” symbolism with the “umbrella” which is really the Catholic “umbraculum” which I have found shown in many music videos before such as Blackpink and Ariana Grande.

Next, I will show you more examples of their Catholic slavery.

In this image you will notice in addition to the Catholic cross on her neck, she also has the upper and lower pyramids as you saw before with the “Star of David” this fittingly with the lyrics symbolizes the “light AND darkness” or the “upper and lower worlds” or “good and evil”.

This character is dressed like a Catholic nun with a Templars cross and crown on her neck.

Finally, they go into the most obvious Illuminati ritual chamber of any music video ever created which completely proves without any doubt what this video really is, as if the rituals you already saw weren’t enough.

Again more 17 numerology as well as a Star of David. It even appears that they might be standing on the Jesuit sun logo, but I could not get an accurate count.

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