January 1st, 2022 – NEW YEARS DECODED – 44, 222 numerology

This year starts off with a 44 date numerology. Keep an eye out for suspicious deaths relating to this numerology.

Also, keep in mind that the year is 2022, which in numerology terms is 222. This corresponds with the gematria of “Order out of Chaos” and “As above so below”, two very important Masonic Jesuit Occult doctrines to understand.

This numerology may signal the end of the Illuminati Plandemic this year.

Bill Cosby released from Jail by the Illuminati code of Gematria – 666 satanic ritual


Today on 6/30/2021 it was announced that notorious rapist “Bill Cosby” was released from jail. In this article you will learn how this was a NUMEROLOGY RITUAL by the 666 beast Catholic Jesuit Babylonian New World Order.

NATO = 14 Summit on the 14th – CATHOLIC ILLUMINATI


This meeting is happening on the 14th day of the month, not by accident. Today is also the US Army birthday.

This meeting takes place in “Brussels” on a date with 25 and 101 numerology.

97 is the 25th prime number. This meeting was a “Death” ritual.

Notice how they are meeting in an “Oval”. This is the symbol of the womb of the Virgin Mary that the Catholics are notorious for using which represents the cannibalistic feasting of the generative life force of all of humanity.

View of the NATO Brussels meeting room.
Freemason Halloween 2017 ritual.
Catholic “vesica pisces” behind Donald Jesuit Trump and Jesuit Pope Francis.

This is the same symbol that the Freemason’s used for their Halloween world domination ritual back in 2017. This is PROOF that NATO is a CATHOLIC FREEMASONIC ILLUMINATI CULT.



They said a shooting happened at a “Publix Super Market” today.

231 is the 21st triangular number, corresponding with todays date numerology.

They are making this BLATANTLY OBVIOUS who is responsible for this “shooting”, which is actually just a Jesuit ritual blood sacrifice.

I said you would see a death ritual today because today is also a date with death numerology when using the Masonic Calendar. 97 is the 25 prime number.

Also, Pope = 25, and the first Jesuit Pope, Pope Francis was in the news today as well relating back to the ongoing Catholic Cannibalistic Pedophile Sex Trafficking rituals that we have been continuously documenting.


Also in the contrived bullshit news today, Joe and Jill are in the Jesuit Catholic controlled United Kingdom for the upcoming Jesuit Freemasonic G7 Ritual. Take a look at this contrived article about “Jill from Philly”.


More information exposing these Jesuit stooges coming tomorrow, as well as a full G7 symbolism decode tomorrow. Stay tuned.