They said a shooting happened at a “Publix Super Market” today.

231 is the 21st triangular number, corresponding with todays date numerology.

They are making this BLATANTLY OBVIOUS who is responsible for this “shooting”, which is actually just a Jesuit ritual blood sacrifice.

I said you would see a death ritual today because today is also a date with death numerology when using the Masonic Calendar. 97 is the 25 prime number.

Also, Pope = 25, and the first Jesuit Pope, Pope Francis was in the news today as well relating back to the ongoing Catholic Cannibalistic Pedophile Sex Trafficking rituals that we have been continuously documenting.


Also in the contrived bullshit news today, Joe and Jill are in the Jesuit Catholic controlled United Kingdom for the upcoming Jesuit Freemasonic G7 Ritual. Take a look at this contrived article about “Jill from Philly”.


More information exposing these Jesuit stooges coming tomorrow, as well as a full G7 symbolism decode tomorrow. Stay tuned.



On 6/3/2021, Pope Francis announced a new “Apostolic Nuncio” for the State of Israel, on the same day as the Feast of Corpus Christi. In this article you will learn how this was a CANNIBALISTIC ILLUMINATI RITUAL.

Corpus Christi is the Catholic holiday to remember what’s called the “REAL PRESENCE” of Christ during Communion. This means that when eating the bread and drinking the wine, you are actually eating Jesus’ body and drinking his blood because of transubstantiation, and it is NOT merely “symbolic”.

This is PROOF that the Catholic Church is an ANCIENT CANNIBALISTIC CULT. And the fact that Pope Francis appointed the new “Apostolic Nuncio” to Israel on this date is NOT AN ACCIDENT, for Israel has long been a cannibalistic headquarters, as evidenced by their notorious organ harvesting practices.

Next, take a look at the numerology behind this ritual.

From the date that the previous apostolic nuncio”Leopoldo Girelli” left office on his 68th birthday to the date the current apostolic nuncio “Adolfo Yllana” was appointed on “Corpus Christi” = 83, was a span of EXACTLY 83 days later.

Notice also his full name fits his contrived motto very specifically.

On his coat of arms you will see the “octagon” to represent the “Star of Ishtar” of the Annunaki “dingir”, as well as the Rosicrucian Lutheran Rose Pentagram which represents the ritual blood sacrifice of mankind. The waves represent the concept of 3 and 4 numerology and the waters that Enki/Dagon emerged from to enslave mankind with the sacred “mes” of the Babylonian Catholic Church.

There is much more to decode here that I will get to in PART 2. Stay tuned!


Today is a date with both 62 and 26 numerology depending on where you live.

Today is the 153rd day of the year. “Jesuit Order” = 153, which is the 17th triangular number. Today is also a date with 17 numerology when using the Masonic Calendar. Modern Freesonry began in 1717.

Look for these numbers today as well as 49 and 89. “Catholicism” = 49. “Pythagoras” = 49.

Freemason President Gerald R. Ford Visited Kansas in a Masonic Numerology Ritual

This ritual occurred on 2/11/1975, the 42nd day of the year, corresponding with “Freemason” = 42, “Saturn” = 42, and “Jesuit” = 42.

Notice also this date was 2/11, much like the number 211 which is the 47th prime number, corresponding with “Government” = 47, “President” = 47, “Gerald” = 47, “Republican” = 47, “Democrat” = 47, and “White House” = 47.

Notice also this was in the year ‘75, corresponding with “Catholic Church” = 75, as well as “New World Order” = 75.

From 2/11/1975 to President Ford’s upcoming birthday on 7/14/1975 was a span of EXACTLY 153 days, corresponding with “President Ford” = 153, as well as with the fact that 153 is the 17th triangular, and he was visiting the 17 numerology Kansas Capitol Building next to the 17 numerology Masonic lodge and Jesuit Catholic Church.

This was also a date with 147 numerology when using the Masonic Calendar, corresponding with “Freemason” = 147, and “Conspiracy” = 147.

Take a look here too see how he was a high level Knights Templar, Shriner, Freemason, and Jester.