China warns US over ‘red line’ after American ambassador makes first Taiwan visit for 42 years – Contrived Jesuit News

The Jesuits control both China and the United States. This news is a contrived Jesuit piece of propaganda.

The phrase “red line” = 67 the 19th prime number, and they said that this visit coincided with the lift of the COVID-19 “travel bubble” with Taiwan and Palau.


On 3/6/2021 CNN published this article saying that the 2021 La Nina event was SPECIFICALLY syncing up with the 2011 La Nina event, which was the deadliest and costliest Tornado outbreak in American history, as well as causing many other contrived weather warfare disasters around the world in Africa and Asia.

Please read my post from February 23rd where I predicted this EXACT article would be written, based on the contrived February 2011 Texas “power outage”, and the 2011 weather warfare operation Tornado “Super Outbreak”.

The day that this article was published is particularly worrying for a number of reasons. Firstly, 3/6 is a lot like the number 36, and 666 is the 36th triangular number.

Secondly, this is a signal for the location that a major tornado weather warfare event would most likely occur in, which is Topeka, Kansas the only government headquarters in the world to directly use 666 numerology as their zip code.

Notice also who they say is doing the reporting from the Weather Service for this CNN article is “Bill Bunting”, a lot like the name of the former mayor of Topeka “Bill Bunten”, who was mayor during the time of the 2011 weather warfare event, when a tornado nearly touched down directly over Topeka.

In conclusion, if you live anywhere in Kansas or a place that has had many tornadoes in the past, be on the lookout for a major weather warfare ritual this year, because they want to cause death and destruction to make us believe we need the government to warn us from storms that they created in the first place, which they then blame on “climate change” which they tell us we need MORE government to save us from, when in reality its just climate engineering

Please watch this channel if you do not believe in climate engineering and weather warfare which has been admitted to by the government since 1947.

VOTE-A-RAMA: A Perfect Example of a Contrived Jesuit Masonic NEWSPEAK Phrase

Take a look at the gematria for the contrived phrase “VOTE-A-RAMA”.

This word is a perfect example of the Orwellian style of language modification this secret society called the “government” is using. This is a completely made up word that was encoded with special numerology by the Freemasons.