Prediction – Knights Templar ritual on November 19th, 2020

The date November 19th, 2020, is written in the United States as 11/19. This is a lot like the number 1119, which is the year AD that the Knights Templar were created by Hugues de Payens in Jerusalem. In this post, I will examine the date numerology of this date, as well as 11/20/2020, because of the significance of the Council of Nablus being held in the year 1120 on January 16th.

To start, here is what is interesting about 11/19/2020.

This will be a date with 34 numerology, corresponding with the gematria of “Knights” = 34, and more.

This is also the day leaving 42 days left in the year, a number significant to Egypt, Christianity and the Freemasons.

The following date also has interesting numerology, 11/20/2020. This will be a date with “Catholic” numerology.

I have already documented evidence of the Illuminati doing rituals by these numbers on this website before, so be prepared for a major “event” on one of these days.

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