Bob Dole is just a Freemason actor who died by the numbers

Bob Dole is a member of Russell #177 Masonic Lodge, located in “Russell, Kansas”. Consider the fact that “The Jesuit Order” = 177 as well.

Here is my full decode of this lodge from my upcoming book, coming out sometime in 2022.

  • Russell #177
  • Chartered on 10/17/1878.
  • Address is: 115 E Wisconsin, Russell, KS,67665.
  • Russell, KS is the Russell County seat.
  • This was the 290th day of the year, the day leaving 75 days left in the year, and the 17th day of the month.
  • “Masonic” = 29 & 115, “Jewish” = 29, Kansas was founded on the 29th day of the year, in reference to the 29 day moon cycle.
  • “Catholic Church” = 75, “New World Order” = 75.
  • “God” = 17, “YHWH” = 17. Modern Freemasonry began in 1717.
  • Date with “1+0+1+7+1+8+7+8” = 33, “10+17+78” = 105, “10+17+1+8+7+8” = 51, and “10+17+18+78” = 123 numerology.
  • “Masonry” = 33 & 105, “Conspiracy” = 51, 123, & 147, and “Russell County” = 51, 147, & 75. Also, don’t forget that Kansas was originally 33 counties, and is currently at 105 counties.
  • See Exhibit 11 for lodge map.

Exhibit 11 – Russell #177 Lodge Map

As you can see this is a typical Masonic Lodge for Kansas.

Next, let’s take a look more closely at the ritualistically contrived death of “Bob Dole”.

Bob Dole reportedly died on December 5th, 2021 at age 98. This is significant because this date has 98 numerology when using the Masonic Calendar.

In conclusion, based on the above evidence you can clearly see how Bob Dole was a tool for the Freemason and Jesuit Order.

Doja Cat Illuminati Exposed Part 1 – Occult Sumerian Symbology

In this post you will learn how the Doja Cat music video for the song entitled “You Right” is nothing more than a Sumerian Orwellian Illuminati piece of propaganda. I will show you the symbolism below which proves this is an occult ritual.

People who listen to this clown actor tool who uses auto tune should realize the only reason she is famous is because she a useful idiot puppet asset of the Illuminati record industry who knows she will be a good product to sell on iTunes. The fact that people take this laughable music seriously is hilarious.

Masonic chessboard.
Red white a blue houses of Egypt. Egypt and Greece are historically the same country.
Here you can see she is completely demonically possessed by Isis/Ishtar/Inanna.

This is a Masonic ritual. It is so obvious that you barely have to pay attention to notice all the occult Satanic ancient Sumerian Catholic rituals going on in Hollywood.

Jesuit Ritual In Topeka, Kansas – Pedophile Priest John Pilcher

On 9/27/2021 it was reported that Topeka Mater Dei Catholic Parish Priest “John Pilcher” had received sexual assault allegations. In this article, you will learn how this was a contrived Jesuit Ritual.

Notice that 9/27 is the day in history that the Jesuit Order was formed. John Pilcher is the priest of the Catholic Church that is next to the Masonic Lodge and Capitol Building on 8th street.

Here is the front entrance of this church with the Jesuit IHS.

Look at how many times he says the word “sacrifice(s)”. What a creep!

This was a contrived Jesuit Satanic ritual synced up with the formation of the Jesuit Order.