China warns US over ‘red line’ after American ambassador makes first Taiwan visit for 42 years – Contrived Jesuit News

The Jesuits control both China and the United States. This news is a contrived Jesuit piece of propaganda.

The phrase “red line” = 67 the 19th prime number, and they said that this visit coincided with the lift of the COVID-19 “travel bubble” with Taiwan and Palau.

VOTE-A-RAMA: A Perfect Example of a Contrived Jesuit Masonic NEWSPEAK Phrase

Take a look at the gematria for the contrived phrase “VOTE-A-RAMA”.

This word is a perfect example of the Orwellian style of language modification this secret society called the “government” is using. This is a completely made up word that was encoded with special numerology by the Freemasons.

The REAL Reason Why the News is Saying 3/4/2021 will be a Significant Day for Q

For the past couple of weeks the news has been stating that “Q” has picked 3/4 2021 to be a significant day for Donald Trump because of this dates significance before the 33rd president, when every president left office on 3/4, and went into office on 3/3. In this post you will learn the REAL reason why this date is significant to both the old presidents and to the current ones.

This is such a mockery. A 1:53 second video? 153 is the 17th triangular number. Q is the 17th letter.

Today is a date with 48 and 88 numerology.

The number 34 is very significant to the “Knights” Templars.

This is the real reason why this date is going to have this Donald Trump propaganda, because it is numerologically significant to the cult.

Andrew Cuomo’s Sexual Harassment Allegations are a Society of Jesus Ritual

Notice that he is the 56th governor of New York, during the time of “coronavirus” = 56.

Notice also that these allegations come a span of exactly 84 days from his previous birthday, corresponding with “Jesuit” = 84, and “Masonry” = 84.

This fits perfectly with the fact that Andrew Cuomo is a CATHOLIC JESUIT.

Lady Gaga’s dogs “stolen” by the Catholic Church using an ancient Masonic Biblical code

This was a completely contrived by the numbers false flag ritual to mock humanity with something obviously staged. Lady Gaga is an ACTOR for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Do not believe this fake news propaganda because it is a total waste of your time to become emotionally attached to these FRAUDS.


On CNN this morning, now they are saying that the “Neighbor” who came to the rescue named is “RACHEL MASON“. What a MOCKERY! As predicted…

Clearly using GOD = DOG terminology. This is completely contrived fake news!