Tiger Woods = 54 “Injured” in “Car Accident” on the 54th Day of the Year

Yesterday on 2/23/2021, the 54th day of the year, it was reported that “Tiger Woods” = 54, was “injured” in a “Car Accident.”

Notice also that his accident happened a span of 45 days before the Masters. This is interesting because he is 45 years old right now.

Notice also the town that he was born in overlaps in all four ciphers with “Masonry”. He is supposedly 84 kg, “Masonry” = 84, “Jesuit” = 84.

Notice also he is both 185 cm tall and 185 lbs, corresponding with “Secret Society” = 185.

He was supposedly injured on 2/23. His residence name equates to 223.

Jupiter Island also overlaps with Freemasonry.

And for another 45 corresponding with his age, “Jupiter” = 45.

This reminds me of when the owner of the Patriots was busted with sex slaves in Jupiter, Florida on the 53rd day of the year in a Super Bowl 53 ritual.

In conclusion, this is another Kobe Bryant themed false flag piece of propaganda. Pro sports players always get injured or killed by the numbers.

Vincent Jackson dead at 38 – MURDER BY NUMBERS

In this post you will learn how Vincent Jackson was ritualistically sacrificed by the National Fixed League in numerology riddle synced around the number 38 & 83.

They said he was found dead yesterday in “Brandon, Florida”.

He played number 83 for the Buccaneers, and was born in the year 1983. Now they are saying he was found dead at age 38. These are the “murder” numbers.

They said he died on 2/15/2021, a date with 38 numerology.

This is PROOF the NFL is sacrificing their players or faking their deaths, and the players are probably in on it somehow.

Parler is a Controlled Opposition Platform run by the Catholic Church

Today is was announced that “Parler” had been randomly reactivated after a period of time that is was banned by Amazon. I will show you in this post how this whole story was fake news distraction by the numbers of Kabbalah.

This is the real reason why Parler was reactivated on this day.

Parler is literally just the Vatican further building their surveillance state.


Watch the corresponding video here and follow along.

Yesterday on 2/9/2021, it was announced that Laura Kelly was proposing new “Taxes” on Amazon and Etsy online retailers. In this post you will learn how this was a piece of fake news contrived propaganda by the Kansas government.


This day is 2/9 and a date with 92 numerology when using the Masonic Calendar. That is why they waited until this exact day to introduce this. Kansas was also admitted to the Union on the 29th day of the year.

Notice in the article they say the taxes would raise $97 million dollars, and cut taxes for 94% percent.

Also notice that 97 is the 25th prime number.

Take note of the gematria of “Etsy” and “Taxes” as well.

In conclusion this was a completely contrived piece of fake news.