On Sunday 5/9/2021 it was reported by the police of Colorado Springs, Colorado that SEVEN people were dead after a mass shooting at a BIRTHDAY party.


Here is what is suspicious about this story coming on this exact date, 5/9.

5/9 is much like the number 59, and 59 is a very important number to the ancient Illuminati because it is the 17th prime number. That is why “Freemasonry” = 59 in English and in Hebrew. If you are unfamiliar with the significance of the number 17, please read this post on my website as well: https://illuminatiexposed.org/2020/10/07/the-significance-of-the-number-17-part-one/

Also, don’t forget that 17 is the 7th prime number corresponding with the fact that they are reporting that 7 were killed at this “birthday” party.

Notice also that May 9th is the 129 day of the year, corresponding with “Birthday” = 129.


This year is being classified as a “La Nina” weather warfare event. Due to natural temperature differences around the oceans, there is a predictable variation in weather patterns based on these oscillations. However, due to the weather warfare geoengineering that has been going on since the 1940’s, the likelihood of the government strengthening this natural pattern in order to cause more extreme weather and profit from disaster capitalism is very high in 2021 specifically because of this “La Nina” event. In this post, I will decode the possibility and hopefully warn people to be on the lookout of a MAJOR tornado outbreak for this year, possibly on the scale of the weather warfare event we saw in 2011, which was the worse year for tornadoes of all time.


2011 had the strongest La Nina event of all time, due to climate engineering. This La Nina caused global death and destruction with over a million killed in Africa alone due starvation because of unnatural climactic annihilation.


The Weather Channel has already released an article explaining why this year in particle would bring an unnatural increase in tornadoes this year.

Notice how “Tornadoes” = 111, 39 & 51. Just like “La Nina” = 111, 39 & 51.

This will be the 10 year anniversary of the 2011 Super Outbreak where they said 360 tornadoes touches down in 3 days. This is weather warfare.


Notice what else happened exactly 10 years ago, a Feb 2011 Texas power outage. This is perfectly syncing up with the weather warfare planned for 2021.

If there is two days I would recommend to watch out for 2021 tornado outbreaks, it would be the 111th day of the year, which is April 21, 2021, as well as May 1st 2021 or 5/1. See the above gematria to understand why the government would pick these days to create a weather warfare system.

Also look out for days with specific Tornado/Tornadoes and La Nina numerology, such as 5/25/2021 or 4/26/2021.

I will update with more information as these significant dates approach.

Vincent Jackson dead at 38 – MURDER BY NUMBERS

In this post you will learn how Vincent Jackson was ritualistically sacrificed by the National Fixed League in numerology riddle synced around the number 38 & 83.

They said he was found dead yesterday in “Brandon, Florida”.

He played number 83 for the Buccaneers, and was born in the year 1983. Now they are saying he was found dead at age 38. These are the “murder” numbers.

They said he died on 2/15/2021, a date with 38 numerology.

This is PROOF the NFL is sacrificing their players or faking their deaths, and the players are probably in on it somehow.

Andrew Brooks dead on 1/23 at age 51 – MURDER BY NUMBERS

In this post you will learn how “Andrew Brooks” was either murdered by the numbers, faked his death, or is a completely fake character that doesn’t even exist and was invented by the Government to mock you.


They said he died on 1/23 at age 51. “Conspiracy” = 123 & 51. So blatant.

His name was “Andrew”. Look at the date numerology for the day he “died” on.

Also, notice how his name overlaps with “Masonic Temple”.

In conclusion this story is a piece of fake news propaganda about a ritualistically contrived death by the Freemasons and Catholic Church.


In this article you will learn about the secret agenda behind the psychological warfare government agent named “Jeffrey Dahmer”, whose sole purpose is to make you believe that cannibals are just “crazy people” who are mentally ill, when in reality, the majority of cannibals are actually within the government, religions, and secret societies of the world, that have owned and operated the entire framework of civilization for the past 6,000 years at the very least.

I want to start by showing you the most important fact of the entire contrived story of Jeffrey Dahmer, and that is the fact that Jeffrey’s father supposedly went to the JESUIT (SOCIETY OF JESUS) MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY.

This is even more interesting when combined with the fact that his full name “Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer” = 191, just like “Society of Jesus” = 191.

Also, from the date of his last birthday to the date of his death was a span of exactly 191 days, corresponding with his name of Society of Jesus.

His name also contains other interesting gematria, such as 322, the number connected to Skull and Bones, and Genesis 3:22, a verse about obtaining immortality, which has always been the goal of the ancient mystery religions and Catholic Church which is from Egypt and Sumer.

The first part of the Genesis 3:22 verse actually equates to 322. This is an example of gematria being used within the King James Bible by the Freemasons.

What else is interesting about his name is that it sums to 97, which is the 25th prime number, corresponding with “Death” = 97 & 25. He is known for the “death” that he caused, just like the Catholic Church ruled by the “Pope”.

Finally, in the most pure cipher, his name sums to 101 which is the 26th prime number, corresponding with the date of his birth, “5+21” = 26.

God = 26 in English and in Hebrew, this is why there is 26 letters in English. The Catholic Church is playing God by contriving this propaganda by their code.

This was the 142nd day of the year because it was a leap year.

His Birthday also has numerology of 105 & 42.

When using the Masonic Calendar, his Birthday has Catholic numerology.

Next, check out the day that he supposedly died upon, the day leaving 33 days left in the year. “Masonry” = 33 & 39.

Check out the other significant numerology below.

His “death” = 25 is on a date with “death” numerology. He was supposedly killed by someone named “CHRISTopher” again corresponding with the Catholic Church.

The last date that I want to make you aware of was the date of his sentencing, which was February 15, 1992. This was a date with 17 numerology, and he supposedly killed EXACTLY 17 victims. Again they are contriving Freemason God/YHWH numerology. Freemasonry began in 1717 on a Catholic holiday.

They said that he “killed” EXACTLY 17 victims.

As you can see above, the date of his sentencing was the 46th day of the year, and the day leaving 320 days left in the year because it was a leap year as well.

There are exactly 46 books in the Catholic Old Testament.

In conclusion, this was a completely contrived Catholic Police ritual.