Lil Nas X – Catholic Illuminati Freemason Government Agent EXPOSED

In this article I will show you the continued MKUltra Catholic sex slave symbolism BLATANTLY being used by Lil Nas X and his handlers.

Firstly, notice there is a Sun and Moon tattooed on his left and right arms.

This is an example Masonic Mithraic symbology using the same sun and moon. Remember that the Freemasons and Cult of Mithras are a MALE ONLY cult, just like the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH who practice homosexuality en masse.

Secondly, notice the tattoo in between the heart and throat chakra. This is the symbol of the “Star of Ishtar” or “Star of Venus” which is “OCTAGON”.

Notice in this ancient Sumerian kudurru the usage of the Star of Ishtar, the moon, and the sun, all three of which are still used by the Freemasons.

The cult of Ishtar is known for its homosexual SINGING “gala” priests.

Thirdly, notice the “solar halo” around his head. This is EXACTLY like the Roman Catholic Church depicts their saints. This is NOT a coincidence!

Lastly, notice the chains and the prison bars behind him. This is symbolic of his total enslavement by the Roman Catholic Church. The butterflies might also be symbolic of PROJECT MONARCH a mind control project within Project MKultra.

Topeka Freemasons move to New Location on 33rd Street

Here is their new location. They used to meet at the Grand Lodge by the Capitol Building but I guess they decided to do another numerology ritual. This time by their classic number, 33, in reference to the 33 degrees of the Scottish Rite, the 33 years that Jesus supposedly lived, and the 33 numerology within gematria.


I was driving by Spangles and noticed a very Satanic example of Freemasonic symbolism being used in their advertisement marketing propaganda. Notice they have a meal deal listed for $5.55, with an inverted pentagram behind it.

This reminds be a lot of the Washington Monument located in Washington D.C, which is EXACTLY 555 feet tall, not by accident.

I will do a full post about the architecture and geometry of the Washington Monument later, and I have another post coming soon about the location of the Masonic Lodge down the street from this Spangles. Stay tuned!

NATO = 14 Summit on the 14th – CATHOLIC ILLUMINATI

This meeting is happening on the 14th day of the month, not by accident. Today is also the US Army birthday.

This meeting takes place in “Brussels” on a date with 25 and 101 numerology.

97 is the 25th prime number. This meeting was a “Death” ritual.

Notice how they are meeting in an “Oval”. This is the symbol of the womb of the Virgin Mary that the Catholics are notorious for using which represents the cannibalistic feasting of the generative life force of all of humanity.

View of the NATO Brussels meeting room.
Freemason Halloween 2017 ritual.
Catholic “vesica pisces” behind Donald Jesuit Trump and Jesuit Pope Francis.

This is the same symbol that the Freemason’s used for their Halloween world domination ritual back in 2017. This is PROOF that NATO is a CATHOLIC FREEMASONIC ILLUMINATI CULT.


Today is a date with 17 numerology using multiple different pathways. This is the reason why G7 began today, because G is the 7th letter, and 17 is the 7th prime number, something these Freemason actors are very aware of.

Notice their logo also features exactly 7 waves in a hieroglyphic style.

This hieroglyph means “belonging to us” meaning the slaves of these countries belong to the aristocracy because they are still the feudal property of the Catholic Church (The Pharaohs).

This is also the 47th G7, another significant number to this gang of Freemasons.

This begins on a date with 58 numerology as well. “Freemasonry” = 58.

Stay tuned for more G7 related rituals in the coming days.