21 Republicans vote against bill on a date with 21 numerology – Why the Masonic Calendar is so important to understanding these Jesuit Saturnian rituals


This article will PROVE that the ENTIRE GOVERNMENT is owned and operated by the JESUIT ORDER and FREEMASONRY.

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives reportedly voted 406-21 on a bill to commemorate the police officers at the “Capitol Insurrection” on Jan 6, 2021, a date I had predicted in advance on this website would be ripe for a “Donald Trump” = 48 related ritual because of the “1+6+20+21” = 48 date numerology.

Notice that the date this vote happened on, 6/15/2021 was a date with 21 numerology when using the Masonic Calendar system which puts us in the year 6021 instead of 2021. Therefore, “6+1+5+6+0+2+1” = 21. This is PROOF that the supposed “opposition” is completely controlled by the Jesuits and the whole “Donald Trump” theatrics is just a false flag by the Catholic Church to DECEIVE you into thinking that Donald Trump is real, when he is not and is just another actor and puppet on strings for the Jesuit Order, just like everyone else on TV.

The Jesuits and Freemasons are NOTORIOUS for using this system of numerology within their ranks to MOCK the dumb slaves who repeatedly fall for their clearly contrived propaganda. This is why the Masonic Calendar is so important to understand, because without it, you would not have noticed this 21 date numerology ritual going on right in front of us.

Its also worth noting that the other vote was 406, much like the number 46, which is the number of the current president right now Joe Biden who is the 46th president, as well as the 2nd Catholic President in US History (so they say).

Notice the gematria of the word “Catholic” = 46.

G7 is a Catholic Conspiracy


The 47th G7 meeting is taking place in “Cornwall”. Notice the overlap with “Catholic”. This is NOT a coincidence!

Notice also that “Cornwall” = 98, and the 47th G7 ritual began yesterday, a date with 98 numerology when using the Masonic Calendar system.