Bobby Brown Jr. = 70 dead on a date with 70 numerology

In this post you will learn how Bobby Brown Jr. was either ritualistically sacrificed by the Catholic Church or faked his death using contrived Masonic numerology.

As you can see, the date of his supposed death aligns perfectly with his name gematria.

According to this article, they said he died at age 28, which is the “Kill” = 28 number.

The full name of Bobby Brown Jr.’ father is Robert Barisford Brown. This equates to 107, which is the 28th prime number, corresponding with the age of his supposed death.

107 is the 28th prime, and he is dead at age 28.

Also, from his father Bobby Brown’ previous birthday to today is exactly 289 days later, and the square root of 289 is 17, meaning 17 * 17 = 289.

Notice also how CNN posted this article at exactly 3:04 am, much like the number 34. I posted an article two days ago why I thought this upcoming day would be a very ritualistic one, because it was a date with 34 numerology.

In conclusion, this was a by the numbers Satanic Hollywood sacrifice ritual by the Jesuit Order, Knights Templar, and Catholic Church.

Author: Illuminati Exposed

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