Topeka Freemasons move to New Location on 33rd Street

Here is their new location. They used to meet at the Grand Lodge by the Capitol Building but I guess they decided to do another numerology ritual. This time by their classic number, 33, in reference to the 33 degrees of the Scottish Rite, the 33 years that Jesus supposedly lived, and the 33 numerology within gematria.


Look at the gematria of the “Cedar Crest” which is CC = 33. Don’t forget about Catholic Laura Kelly’s cat they did a news article on 7/1 who she named “Frances” after Pope Francis the first Jesuit Pope and France where the Jesuits are from.

Notice that it was added to the NRHP on 5/6.

Notice also it was designed by Freemason “William D Wight”.

This is further proof the Kansas government is directly connected with the Freemasons and the Jesuit Order.

PARS EXPOSED – Local Satanic Ritual of Freemason Police in Topeka, Kansas

PARS is a “Prevention and Resiliency Services” center in Topeka, Kansas. To most people, this would seem like a good organization to prevent drug abuse. Unfortunately, that is not the real motive of this group, and in this article you will learn about the SYMBOLISM that PARS is using, and what this really means.

As you can see from their logo above, PARS identifies by a PENTAGRAM. SYMBOLISM is the language of the secret societies of the world, and this makes all the more sense given that PARS is run by the Topeka Police Department, which is in turn run by the Freemasons and the Catholic Church (Jesuit Order).

Just when you thought this organization could not be any more Satanic…..

A 666 phone number, in the 666 zip code? How could it get any more obvious that PARS is run by this numerology practicing gang of Freemasons and Jesuits.

Notice also the address of 2209. 2209 is 47 * 47, a very special number to the Freemasons. See their logo below for more information.

In conclusion, this is just another Satanic Government ritual whose employees may not even be aware of what they are participating in and perpetuating.


The Masonic Grand Lodge Building and the Topeka Police Department both have the same address, which is 320 numerology to represent the “Roman Catholic Church” = 320, as well as the 32 rays of the Sun on the Jesuit logo.

The Topeka Police Department is a Masonic Catholic conspiracy just like the rest of the Kansas Government and United States Federal Government also.