In this post, you will learn how the secret societies of the world control the entertainment industry, as evidenced by the very obvious and significant symbolism and numerology within their music videos, with the goal of ritualistically brainwashing all of humanity to be a slave to their Jewish propaganda.

To begin, if you do not believe that Lady Gaga and all of her music is Jewish propaganda, let me break it down very simply for you. Lady Gaga is a government agent for one of the “Big Three” music corporations called “Universal Music Group”. Her song, “Bad Romance” is licensed to “Universal Music Group”, through “Interscope Records”, who I have already exposed in my post about “BLACKPINK – ICE CREAM”. Don’t forget that BLACKPINK also collaborated with Lady Gaga on a song titled “Sour Candy” released on Interscope Records as well, which I will fully decode in a later post. Lady Gaga does not write her own songs. Instead, she is instructed exactly what to perform and how to perform it by her secret society record label handlers. She is possibly under a highly advanced form of government mind control called Project MKUltra to enslave her into creating this propaganda against her will. However, it is also possible that she is a WILLING participant in their cannibalistic pedophile rituals, and she has joined with some aspect of the Illuminati themselves, to benefit in some way from creating their Satanic music videos.

The chairman and CEO of the “Universal Music Group” is Lucian Grainge, who is “Jewish”. This is not a coincidence. This is just one of many examples of total record label industry ownership and control by people claiming to be “Jewish”. Another example would be “Leonard Blavatnik”, the vice-chairman and owner of another one of the “Big Three” record labels, “Warner Music Group”. Yet another example is, “Michael Lynton”, the chairman of “Warner Music Group” and of “Snapchat Inc.”, who is also “Jewish”.

The list goes on and on containing numerous examples of Jewish secret society activity within the majority of the music and entertainment industry. The Freemasons and the Catholic Church are the most obvious culprits here, and now I will show you the UNDENIABLE evidence to substantiate this claim.

The most obvious symbolism for the entire video is contained right within the thumbnail for the music video on YouTube.

In the photo gallery above, you can see the Freemasons clear obsession with the number 17. The ancient significance of this number to Jewish secret societies cannot be understated. This is why they cannot help themselves and just have to include 17 numerology in so many of their music videos, which I have already shown in multiple videos from the same record label.

Also, this song was released by Interscope Records on 10/23/2009, a date with none other than 17 numerology. This was also a date with “10+23” = 33 numerology, reminding me of the House of the Temple in Washington DC., the headquarters for the 33 degree Scottish Rite Freemasons, whose address is 1733, with 33 pillars each 33 feet tall on the outside of the building.

The music video was released on 11/24/2009, also a date with 17 numerology, not by accident.

Here is an example of all seeing eye symbolism, also know as the eye of Ra.

Here is an example of upper and lower worlds symbolism, found depicted in this drawing of “Baphomet” by Eliphas Levi and in the “Bad Romance” music video. This symbolizes the dualistic nature of Freemasonry and Interscope Records.

At the beginning of the video, they show an image of “BATH HAUS OF GAGA”. You can clearly see how the spelling is contrived to overlap with “Jesuit Order”.

It is also important to notice that there are exactly 7 different pods in the background. I have already explained the significance of the number 7 in relation to 17 numerology in my post here: The number 7 is significant to the Catholic Church because of its Mithraic origins, with the Cult of Mithras featuring exactly 7 degrees, and the 7th degree being the Saturn degree, just like our Catholic calendar system has Saturn-day being the 7th day of the week.

Here is even more evidence of this video being a Catholic Saturnian ritual. The rings around her body represent the rings of the planet Saturn or Satan.

This is an example of Masonic Catholic Egyptian pyramid and triangular number symbolism.

And here are three more examples of Catholic Egyptian cross symbolism.

They also show this representation of ritual sacrifice from witchcraft spell casting symbolizing the immolation and holocaust of all mankind.

Now if all of the symbolism that I showed you was in the music video is not enough to convince you that this video was a Masonic ritual, look no further than the gematria of “Lady Gaga”. Her name is completely contrived.

The duration of the music video on YouTube is exactly 5:08. She even admits that the video and song is about being kidnapped by the Jewish Russian mafia and forced into sex slavery for the Illuminati.

In conclusion, I hope you have learned how this video was a Masonic piece of propaganda promoting being a sex slave for the Russian Jewish Illuminati Freemasons. Do not let Pharaoh enslave humanity any longer with their Satanic music videos, and share this knowledge with anyone you know so that we can beat this cult through education on their rituals and symbolism. Thank you.

Author: Illuminati Exposed

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