Why the Presidential Inauguration is Happening on 1/20/2021 – SIGNIFICANCE OF 120 and 21 NUMEROLOGY

Every single Presidential Inauguration since the 33rd President of the United States who was also a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason, has been held on January 20th, or 1/20. In this post you will learn why this date was chosen to be inauguration day by the secret society initiate Harry Truman, due to the ancient significance of the number 120.

As one can see from the Wikipedia page for the number 120, this is a very Jewish number. Freemasonry is a Jewish secret society that is obsessed with the numerology of the Bible and especially the building of Solomon’s Temple. As you can see below, 120 was the number of cubits of the height of the Temple. 120 is also considered the oldest age you can live to in Judaism, because that is the age which Moses died at. But most importantly, 120 is the number of Men of the Great Assembly (Illuminati), who contrived the books of the Jewish Bible.



This is especially important because to this day, the Jewish Knesset (Illuminati legislature) is made up of EXACTLY 120 members in tribute to this Biblical numerology.

January 20th could also be written as 20/1 in the rest of the world, a number that also holds special importance to the Jesuit Order and Christianity in general, as it was in the year 201 CE that the first Christian Government was supposedly formed.

This is also a date with “1+20” = 21 numerology. Don’t forget that this year is the 21st year of the 21st century as well, and tomorrow will be the 21st day of the year.

Finally I will show you the significant numerology of this date specifically, 1/20/2021.

$5,600 tip during “Coronavirus” = 56 at Ohio Souk Kitchen – Perfect Example of Contrived Jesuit Catholic Propaganda

On 12/12/2020, it was reported that a man named “Billy” walked into an Ohio restaurant and tipped EXACTLY $5600 dollars for EXACTLY 28 employees. In this article, I will show you just how numerologically contrived this news story is, and how it is linked perfectly synced with the Freemasons and Catholics.




To start, take a look at the name of the restaurant.

Next take a look at the date numerology.

They said exactly 28 employees received the tip.

Notice also that they used a Catholic symbol to represent the 12 apostles to cover the tippers name. Also, the address of the restaurant is at 139.

This was a piece of contrived Ohio propaganda from the Catholic Church.

Josh Hawley – Contrived Skull and Bones, Yale, Missouri, Masonic Catholic Propaganda


Here you can see that they are doing the same alignment that we have seen with Joe Biden photographs, making sure to take the photo so the head is ALWAYS within the circle for Catholic symbolism.

As stated earlier today, I said there would be Yale related propaganda today because today is a date with 43 numerology, and “Yale” = 43. Josh Hawley is a graduate of Yale and probably of Skull and Bones as well.

Not only is Josh Hawley’s birthday on a day with “12+31” = 43 numerology, corresponding with “Masonic” = 43, but the date on which he was born has 33 numerology, corresponding with “Masonry” = 33, “Secrecy” = 33, “Federal” = 33, “Order” = 33, “Society” = 33, and “Police” = 33.

It was in the year 1979, corresponding with “Society of Jesus” = 79.

Notice also that his name gematria fits perfectly with “Catholic” = 71.

And finally notice where he went to high school, the JESUIT HIGH SCHOOL.


Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, Missouri, a known Jewish/Italian (Jesuit) mafia headquarters, as verified by a close family member. This is where he was recruited and trained to be a government agent for the Illuminati. He also taught at the Illuminati St Paul’s School for the Catholic Church of England, and he wrote a biography promoting Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th Freemason president.

Today is another day with Missouri numerology and that is why he is in the headlines today again.

Don’t forget he was the 42nd Missouri Attorney General as well, “Freemason” = 42, “Jesuit” = 42.

In conclusion this is just another actor for the Catholic Church, Freemasons, and Zionist Jews, promoting a fake political system that is easy to see through.

BLACKPINK – Ice Cream: Pedophile Cannibalistic Catholic Masonic Symbology

In this article, you will learn about the hidden occult references in the song and music video for the BLACKPINK song titled “Ice Cream”. When I hear this title, right away it makes me think of “I Scream”, which is probably a reference to the screams of their rape, torture, and murder victims of this ancient cult.

First, I will decode the lyrics, and then the music video. I have included the lyrics below so you can follow along. This song was released by the Satanic Pedophile Cannibal Interscope Records, which is owned by Universal Music Group, which as I explained in my post about Katy Perry is one of the “Big Three” Illuminati record labels.


As you can see from their logo, they identify by the letter “i” for Interscope, but really this just symbolizes the all-seeing-eye of Freemasonry.

The lyrics begin by mentioning a “Slurpee” which equates to 33, a poisonous concoction created by the Freemasons who control the food supply.

The next lyrics are about “jeans” but the writer says that they actually refer to “genes” as in the DNA that they consume in their Cannibal Ritual. They also refer to Michael Jackson, a known pedophile.

The lyrics then refer to the “chosen one” while singing “play the part like Moses” and “keep it fresh like roses”. This is probably the most occult verse in the entire song, because Moses is an Egyptian who is regarded as the founder of not only the Jewish religion and culture but also as the creator of Kabbalah which is ancient Jewish mysticism that spread out of Egypt about how YHWH created the Universe by merging the letter with the number with the sound.

The “roses” represent “Rosicrucianism”. I have a detailed post about the Rosicrucians coming soon, discussing their profound influence on the secret societies of Freemasonry and the Enlightenment era Royal Society scientific “revolution”. For now, just know that “Rosicrucian” means “Rose Cross”, and the rose represents secrecy to the occult, while the cross represents Christianity. Therefore, the name of this secret society could be interpreted as “Secret Christianity”, “Esoteric Christianity” or “Mystical Christianity”. The doctrines of the Rosicrucians, which later spread to the Freemasons, were based upon Kabbalah and alchemy, which is concerned with finding the elixir of life. This is probably the reason they eat babies, because it makes them feel “fresh” rejuvenated, and healthy by curing illnesses, and this is actually the true reason behind the “scientific revolution”, to figure out how to obtain immortality for the Illuminati, and become like God/Gods.

Speaking of roses, one of the singers of this group is literally named “Rose”. She has very interesting name and birth numerology as you can see below, and here is a picture of her at the 33rd Golden Disc awards.

Her contrived name, “Roseanne Park” = 137, the 33rd prime number, as well as 56 and 187. This corresponds with the gematria of “Washington, DC” = 137, 56, 187, as well as “Society of Jesus” = 56, 187. She was reportedly born on the 42nd day of the year, corresponding with the gematria of “Freemason”= 42, “Saturn” = 42, and “Jesuit” = 42. There is also the ancient Egyptian concept of the 42 laws of Ma’at, an ancient Egyptian version of Freemasonry, as well as the 42 generations to Jesus mentioned in Luke.

Her birthday could be written 2/11 or 11/2, both being significant because the Jesuits supposedly operate in exactly 112 countries and the number 211 is the 47th prime number, a significant number to Freemasonry seen on their logo in the compass, as well as corresponding with the gematria of words such as “Government”, “Authority”, “Republican”, “Democrat”, and “DC” all equating to 47.

The lyrics then say “looking good enough to eat”. This is a very clear example of the hidden Cannibalistic terminology and meaning within this song. The lyrics then proceed with another example of Cannibalistic terminology at “he’s my favorite flavor”.

I will now show you the Catholic Masonic Government symbolism within the music video for this song:

Here you can see the dancers underneath a dome-like structure. If you count the colored bands on the roof you will notice there is exactly 16 of them, just like the Kansas Capitol Building, all meeting in the center to represent 17, which you will find many times in Catholic, Masonic, and Government architecture. The words “God” = 17, “Mason” = 17, Freemasonry begin in 1717 on a Catholic Holiday, and the word “Catholic” = 71, the reflection of 17.

This is the Kansas Capitol building, which has the exact same design as St. Peters Basilica.

Here you can see the exact same symbolism as the music video on the Topeka Capitol Building, which is octagonal in many ways, even being located on 8th street, along with the Topeka #17 Masonic Lodge and the 17 numerology Jesuit Knights Templar Catholic Church across from it. This is not the only music video this symbolism is found in. Rather, it is found within a wide range of different videos by many differnet actors for the mainstream music industry in different parts of the world. This proves that it must be a Worldwide Fraternal Conspiracy of the Catholic Church and Freemasons who have invaded every country in existence with their symbolism.

This is St. Peters Basilica in the Vatican City-State in Rome, Italy. It has the exact same numerological design found in this music video and on the Kansas Capitol Building at 666, plus much more.

This is the Octagon Nazi Templars who released this Pharaonic music.

Here you can see two examples of left eye symbolism.

There is an 8 for octagon symbolism on this materialistic necklace.

God/Dog symbolism, with Knights Templar Nazi logo in the background.

Another example of swastika symbolism on the wheels of the bike, very similar to the Satanic Nazi Templar Atlantic Records logo.

This is an example of the complete materialistic enslavement of humanity being promoted by these disgusting Illuminati sellouts/slaves. Notice the CHRISTIAN brand she is wearing, as well as the Star of David and Rose for Rosicrucian symbolism. They are forced to promote these Catholic rituals.

In conclusion, this was a completely coded piece of Propaganda by the Catholic Church, as evidenced by the architectural encoding of the Freemasons, Catholic Church, and Government, and by their complete ownership and enslavement by Interscope All-Seeing-Eye Records.