In this article you will learn about the significance of the “Octagon”, not only to the Catholic Church and Knights Templars (Freemasons), but also how it connects to ancient Egyptian mythology, Gnostic cosmology, and Sumerian/Babylonian/Mesopotamian religious symbology.

To begin, I will show you the special “Papal Style” for Pope Francis, which is his own personal “coat of arms” that every Pope and high ranking member of the Catholic Church has made for himself.

You will notice that in the center there is the logo for the “Society of Jesus”, also known as the “Jesuits”, because Pope Francis is the first “Jesuit” pope. I have another article coming soon about the significance of the “coronavirus” pandemic happening during the time of the first Jesuit pope, whose logo is the “corona” of the Sun, but for now please check out the link below as this Jesuit ritual has already been extensively exposed by another great researcher who I have learned about many rituals from: https://gematriaeffect.news/johns-hopkins-reported-56191-new-cases-of-coronavirus-on-october-8-2020-the-day-leaving-84-days-in-the-year-70-days-before-pope-francis-birthday/

Below the Jesuit logo and to the left on the coat of arms, you will notice an “OCTAGON”. The reason this octagon is on the coat of arms of Pope Francis is to pay homage to the ancient 6,000 year old mystery religion that Pope Francis is a member of, which came out of Egypt and Sumer. This symbol is called the “STAR OF ISHTAR” or the “STAR OF VENUS”, and it has been used by the ancient Illuminati for at least 6,000 years.


Ancient “OCTAGON” from 1200 BCE on a Babylonian kudurru.

The reason this is so significant is because the Star of Ishtar is associated with the planet Venus, which is also known as “LUCIFER THE LIGHT BRINGER”.

This is not the only Satanic Luciferian connection with Pope Francis and octagon however, because even the entire St. Peters Square is a giant octagon.

As you can see from the above image, in the center of this “octagon” is an EGYPTIAN OBELISK. This is significant because the “Star of Ishtar” spread over to Egypt from Sumer, where it became known as the “Ogdoad”, which are the 8 creator deities found in the Egyptian city of Hermopolis. The most important of these is “Amen”, which is where the Christian/Jewish prayer word is derived from. Also, don’t forget that Hermes is also extremely important to Freemasonry, something I will write another article about later.




Another connection with the Catholic Church and “Amen” is the specific hieroglyph and hat used by the Egyptian God “Amen” is the exact same hat that the Catholic Church uses, one that is split down the middle and with a tail.

In conclusion, given the fact that the Catholic Church has a long history of using “Octagon”, as seen on Pope Francis’ coat of arms, in St. Peters Square, and within Knights Templar and Freemasonic symbolism, because of the “octagon” connection with Egypt and Mesopotamia, in can only be concluded that the Catholic Church is the modern day descendant of the ancient Egyptian and Sumerian mystery religions, and that the Catholic Church is high places still practices these ancient Pharaonic and Babylonian rites.

Stay tuned for more investigation into these subjects and many more, and see these other articles that I wrote for more evidence of “OCTAGON” symbolism:




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