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Today I was walking by a Television Set and noticed on the TV a very familiar symbol, one that I have decoded many times before. This was the Catholic Saints symbol, and next to it was an octagon, another symbol that I have explained the significance of on this website before, and specifically how it relates to the Catholic Church (Knights Templars). Therefore, when I saw these two symbols right next to each other, I knew that it was absolutely NOT A COINCIDENCE, and that I was looking at another example of a Catholic Masonic ritual. I took a photo of the ritual for you to see below:

In this image, you can see the Catholic Saints symbol, and right next to it on the left on the table is a red “octagon”.

Once I saw the obvious Illuminati symbolism, I knew I had to find which TV show these symbols were placed in. The show which I have never seen before is called “Days of Our Lives”, and the episode was number 60 of season 56. Check the image below for more information:

According to Wikipedia, today’s episode was “coincidentally” the 14,000th episode of the series. I will explain the numerological significance of this date below.

Right away I noticed the very obvious Jesuit Catholic encoding, and in this article I will explain how it is NO COINCIDENCE that this show’s 56th season came out during the time of the “coronavirus” = 56.

To begin I will show you the contrived gematria of the TV show’s name, “Days of Our Lives” (which is probably in reference to the hundreds of days it would take to watch the 14,000 episodes of this Satanic Jesuit Show).

Notice how the title of the show overlaps in 3 of the 4 base ciphers with “Society of Jesus”. Notice also that “Days of Our Lives” = 65, corresponding with the year that the show began, which was 1965.

Next, I will fully decode the date of this show’s first airing.

Notice how this was a date with “Jesuit” numerology. That is because this show was created by the Catholic Church/Society of Jesus to enslave humanity into a false reality based upon a television screen.

If you think all of this is a coincidence, then I hope this last piece of information will break the mind control spell that you are under.

The current writer of the show is “Ron Carlivati” who is supposedly a gay Jesuit.

In conclusion, everything related to this show, from the name of the show, the day that it premiered, the symbols and props used within the show, and the writers, actors, producers, and owners of the show are CATHOLIC JESUITS with a SATANIC AGENDA FOR HUMANITY. That agenda is about having you GLUED TO YOUR TELEVISION SCREEN FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, believing a bunch of LIES and participating in a FAKE FANTASY-WORLD SOCIETY.

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