Nice “Terrorist Attack” Exposed: False Flag Ritual by the French Knights Templar

On October 29th, 2020, it was reported by police that 3 people were killed by a Muslim Terrorist in Nice, France. In this article, I will show you step by step how this was nothing but a “false flag” by the Catholic Church, aimed solely at contriving more Freemasonic “order out of chaos” crusade-themed conflict rituals in the Middle-East.

Today is the day leaving 63 days left in the year, corresponding perfectly with the emphasized headline today of “Terrorist Attack”.

They also emphasized the headline “Freed to Kill” = 63.

They are now saying that the attackers name is “Brahim” which is alot like Abrahim or Brahmin, very similar related concepts. Check out the ritualistic gematria below:

They said the attack happened at a Catholic Basilica. What a perfect place to stage a “false flag” with the help of the Freemason Police, and bring about their agenda of more war in the middle east.

They also emphasize that someone had their “throat slit”, according to “police”.

How perfect considering this was a date with 43 numerology. You can see that “Masonic” = 29, as well as “Jewish” = 29, and this was the 29th day of the month.

They also stated that someone was “decapitated” = 43.

Now they are saying the attacker was identified in “Bari” = 33, on 10/9, and 109 is the 29th prime number.

It was also a date with 79 numerology, corresponding with “Society of Jesus” = 79, and we are in the time of the first Jesuit pope, and this was a Catholic themed attack.

Also, check out the significant overlap between the location of the supposed attack and the word “conspiracy”.

In conclusion, if you want to see for yourself how this was a completely ritualistic false flag in Nice, France, click this link to go to the news:

This was just a Freemasonic Catholic Police training exercise on how to stage a false flag completely by the numbers of ancient Jewish Kabbalah. Hopefully no one was actually ritualistically sacrificed today.

Author: Illuminati Exposed

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