42 states with coronavirus on a date with 42 numerology, up 42% in ages 18+24=42


In this news story, they reported that 42 states have an upward trajectory of Coronavirus cases on a date with 42 numerology using the Masonic Calendar.

42 is a very significant number to the Freemasons from Egypt.

In the article they also mention that cases are up 42% in ages 18 through 24, and the sum of 18 and 24 is 42.

Don’t forget that the significance of the number 42 comes from the 42 laws of Maat which is Ancient Egyptian Freemasonry. See the links below for more information related to 42:




In conclusion, this was a completely by the numbers piece of coronavirus propaganda issued by the Zionist Freemason Jesuits from Egypt.

Author: Illuminati Exposed

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