751 children sacrificed by the Catholic Illuminati

Yesterday on the 304 year anniversary of the establishment of modern day Freemasonry, June 24, 2021, St Johns Day, a CATHOLIC Holiday, it was announced that ANOTHER mass grave at a CATHOLIC school in Canada had been “discovered”.


Take a look at yesterdays date numerology below to see how yesterday was the perfect date for this evil Catholic human sacrifice ritual to take place on.

The school called “Marieval Indian Residential School” was first opened by the Roman Catholic Church on 12/19/1898, the 353rd day of the year, which is the 71st prime number.

Notice the VERY specific amount of 751 unmarked graves that they found. This is another example of contrived numerology by the Illuminati.

These innocent children were sacrificed by the Illuminati Catholic Freemason Government that runs the entire world. Please wake up humanity to see who the enemy really is and stop falling for their fake political theatrics.

Author: Illuminati Exposed

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