Tomorrow, the planets of Jupiter and Saturn will “conjunct” in the sky, meaning they will appear nearly as if they have merged into one celestial object. The significance of this event is very great, not because these conjunctions are rare occurrences, as they happen about once every 20 years, but because the date that the conjunction occurs upon is a correspondence that has not occurred for AT LEAST the past 2500 years. Not only will Jupiter and Saturn “conjunct” in the night sky, but the night that this happens on is the Winter Solstice, meaning it is the shortest day of the year.

In this post I will explain the numerological significance of this “conjunction”, and how it relates to the upcoming year, 2021.

To begin, notice that the day that these events occur upon is the 21st day of the month, corresponding with the gematria of “Jesuit” and “Saturn”.

Of course, this conjunction is happening during the time of the first Jesuit pope, Pope Francis, as well as during the presidency of Jesuit Donald Trump, and just before the appointment of Jesuit Joe Biden as the 46th president. This conjunction is of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, and “Saturn” is where the word “Satan” is derived from.

This is a painting from 1636 called “Saturn Devouring His Son Jupiter”. This is one of the reasons why I am worried about a Satanic Cannibalistic Jesuit sacrifice happening on this date. Keep your children safe!

This conjunction is happening on the 21st day of the month, just before we enter the 21st year of the 21st century. Also, the date of the conjunction is a date with 73 numerology, which is the 21st prime number. Don’t forget that the word “Sacrifice” equates to 73 just using the alphabetical order.

Also, notice that the upcoming presidential inauguration on 1/20/2021 is also a date with “1+20” = 21 numerology. In fact, every inauguration since the 33rd president (who was a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason) has been on this day, January 20th, which is also significant because the word “Illuminati” = 120 using the alphabetical order, and 120 is the number of members of the Jewish “Knesset”, a term which overlaps in all four ciphers with the word “Saturn”.

The significance of 120 numerology comes from the Bible, where it is said that Moses, the Egyptian founder of Kabbalah (which is where the practice of gematria originates from) lived to the very old age of exactly 120 years.

In conclusion, if you are reading this then keep yourself, your friends, and your families safe, because as we speak there are extremely Satanic and ancient agendas being promulgated behind our backs that involve cannibalism and ritual blood sacrifice, and I can only hope and pray that you or anyone you know do not become a victim of their evil agendas that will unfold through the Saturnian Jesuit year of 2021.


In this post, you will learn how the last two days of predicted propaganda were staged theatrical rituals of the Catholic Freemasons (Knights Templars) and the Jesuit Order who are operating by an ancient Jewish practice of Gematria, derived from the even more ancient Egyptian and Sumerian Mystery Teachings.

November 20th, 2020 was a date with Catholic numerology, and multiple major Catholic headlines “coincidentally” were featured in the news on this day.

The day before was also significant because it was a date with “Vatican” and “Francis” numerology, and there were multiple “Vatican” related headlines.

As you can see, these dates were ripe for Pope Francis and Catholic related headlines. That is why today, after nearly 40 years of sexual assaults upon young children, the archbishop of Washington D.C. was finally formally charged for his actions in a completely contrived court case. It is not an accident that this law group has a pyramid logo. They are just the Freemasons pretending to fight against the evils of the ancient Secret Societies, but instead they are secretly working together to contrive this symbolical numerology ritual.


Two days ago, I predicted that you would see a Jerusalem themed ritual on 11/19/2020, because of the history of the Knights Templar being founded in Jerusalem around the years 1119 AD- 1120 AD. Today, 11/19/2020, that prediction came true, as evidenced by the numerous articles I linked above about the Secretary of State from Kansas, Mike Pompeo, traveling to Jerusalem to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu in an “unprecedented” event. – Here is my post where I predicted what would happen on this date just knowing its numerological significance to the cult.

In this post I will show you how this is yet another example of a by-the-numbers ritual by the Catholic Church.

As you can see from Mike Pompeo’ Wikipedia article, he is the 70th United States Secretary of State, and today he is featured in the news on a date with 70 numerology.

This is also a date with 34 numerology, and Mike Pompeo is from the 34th state, Kansas, a state with a very Jewish history and a high degree of affinity with the extremely Satanic State of Israel.

From the date that Mike Pompeo participated in this ritual to his upcoming birthday is a span of exactly 1 month and 11 days, much like the number 111. His full name, “Michael Richard Pompeo” = 111, which is 666 in Sumerian. If you are unaware of the connection between the state of Kansas, the state of Israel, and the number 666, please see this post:

In conclusion, this is more evidence to substantiate exactly what I feared would happen today, a Satanic Jewish ritual by the Catholic Church. If there is a deeper riddle here, please let me know and I will update this post later.

The Significance of the Number 17 – Part One

In this post you will learn the significance of the number 17 within subjects such as mathematics, language/literature, religion, architecture, secret societies, government, and entertainment such as music, movies and TV shows. I will try to cover as much as possible in one post, but this may be split into multiple parts for readability.

First, I will show you the significance of the number 17 to mathematics. I want to start by defining the term prime number. For those who don’t know, a prime number is a number that does NOT DIVIDE into any number other than itself and one. Here is a list of the first eight prime numbers: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19. It is also important to remember that one is said to NOT be prime, and counting it as such will mess up the order.

The prime numbers would have been very obvious to the ancients, as all four base math operations were being used by them, so all it would take is dividing the first couple of numbers to discover the primes. We have physical evidence that the ancient Egyptians knew about prime numbers from the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus, but it was possibly a much older discovery, as evidenced by the Ishango bone, as well as the highly advanced Sumerian numerology system. Given the significant trade of knowledge and items from Sumeria to Egypt, I’m guessing that they were discovered first in Mesopotamia and then spread to Egypt and elsewhere (along with much other knowledge as well).

The reason I want you to know prime numbers were an ancient discovery of these old civilizations is because I want you to know that THEY KNEW that the 7th prime number is 17. Not only did they know this, but they also knew that the sum of the first 4 prime numbers is 17, meaning that “2+3+5+7” = 17. Notice also that 7 is the 4th prime number. I will do a separate post about the significance of the numbers 74 and 47, but for now I want to show you the importance of the numbers 4 and 7 to the ancients.

Starting with the number 4, this number represents the square with 4 sides. The base of a pyramid is square, with 4 triangular sides. Mathematics also has 4 base operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The number 4 also most importantly represents the “Tetragrammaton“, which is the four-letter name of God in Hebrew. Here is a picture below:

From right-to-left, He is the 5th letter, Waw is the 6th letter, He is the 5th letter, and Yod is the 10th letter.

So not only does this name of God consist of 4 letters, with the sum of the first 4 prime numbers equating to 17, as well as 17 being the 7th prime, and 7 being the 4th prime, but also using Hebrew gematria, the name of God actually equates to 17 as well. This is because “5+6+5+1” = 17. Yod is counting as 1 instead of 10 using the reduction cipher because “1+0” = 1. In English, God has the same gematria value because G is 7, O is 6, and D is 4, as seen below:

Now that you know the significance of the number 4, lets move on to the number 7. The significance of this number should be more obvious given that we divide each week into 7 days, and the Jewish story of creation is that YHWH created the world in 7 days.

The number 7 is a very symbolic number to the ancients in many ways, not only because its the 4th prime number, but also because “3+4” = 7, with the number 4 representing the square on the Pyramid, and the number 3 representing the triangle on the Pyramid, as seen above. Also, for another connection to the number 17, “17 x 2″ = 34. Don’t forget Kansas is the 34th state remembered for the 34th president, with 34 stars on its flag, with the 34 the highest population, and the 34th most number of coronavirus cases in the United States, with the government headquarters that equates to 34. “Topeka, Kansas” = 34.

Anyway, before I get too off topic, please see this article if you want to learn more about the number 7:

The most important takeaways from this article are that:

  1. Seven is considered a “God Number” by the Pharaohs of Egypt.
  2. There are seven astronomical objects visible to the naked eye that move, which include the: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.
  3. There were seven degrees of the Cult of Mithras, with the seventh being the Saturnian degree.
  4. There are supposedly seven colors in the rainbow, with this being a famous Judaic and ancient symbol for the rainbow serpent.
  5. Greek philosophy began with the “Seven Sages”.
  6. In Judaism and Mesopotamian mythology, the universe is made of exactly seven heaves.
  7. Inanna/Ishtar is said to have descended to the underworld through seven gates.

Now that you know the significance of 4 and 7, as well as their mathematical relationship to the number 17, we can now focus more specifically on the ancient significance of the number 17 apart from these mathematical reasons.

As I have already mentioned, the name of God sums to 17 in the contrived languages of both English and Hebrew. This is not the only religious or mythological connection however. In the Bible, the patriarch Jacob lives 17 years after his son Joseph goes missing, and lives for another 17 years after their reunion in Egypt. Abraham is said to have lived to 175 years old, and the factors of 175 sum to 17. The same pattern can be observed with Jacob, who is said to have lived to 147 years total, and the factors of 147 sum to 17. Further, in Egyptian mythology, it is said that Osiris’s life came to an end on the 17th day of the month, and in Freemasonry the 17th degree is known as the “Knight of the East and the West”, corresponding with the fact that Freemasonry began on a Catholic holiday in the year 1717. This was the 175th day of the year, also known as 6/24/1717 or Saint Johns Feast Day, and I have already mentioned that the factors of 175 sum to none other than 17.

In conclusion, in this post I covered part of the significance of the number 17, from its anciently known mathematical relationship to the numbers 4 and 7, as well as to parts of history, religion, language, and secret societies that clearly utilize this number. In the next post, I will expand upon what you have already learned here, and show you the specific usage of 17 numerology, which I call the “God number”, with numerous examples of architecture, government, and especially the entertainment industry.