In this post, you will learn how the last two days of predicted propaganda were staged theatrical rituals of the Catholic Freemasons (Knights Templars) and the Jesuit Order who are operating by an ancient Jewish practice of Gematria, derived from the even more ancient Egyptian and Sumerian Mystery Teachings.

November 20th, 2020 was a date with Catholic numerology, and multiple major Catholic headlines “coincidentally” were featured in the news on this day.

The day before was also significant because it was a date with “Vatican” and “Francis” numerology, and there were multiple “Vatican” related headlines.

As you can see, these dates were ripe for Pope Francis and Catholic related headlines. That is why today, after nearly 40 years of sexual assaults upon young children, the archbishop of Washington D.C. was finally formally charged for his actions in a completely contrived court case. It is not an accident that this law group has a pyramid logo. They are just the Freemasons pretending to fight against the evils of the ancient Secret Societies, but instead they are secretly working together to contrive this symbolical numerology ritual.

Author: Illuminati Exposed

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