Today there is a likely blood sacrifice planned by the numbers.

Today is the day leaving 331 days left in the year. 331 is the 67th prime.

Today is also a date with 86 numerology when using the Masonic Calendar.

This corresponds with the gematria of “Blood Sacrifice”= 67 & 86.

Today is also the 34th day of the year, “Jewish” = 34.

There is a long Jewish history of using 67 for blood sacrifice numerology. Look no further than the 6/7/1967 retaking of the Jerusalem, as well as the 1967 founding of the Third Temple movement Eretz Yisrael to re-institute the practice of ritual “blood sacrifice” at the Jewish Temple. Don’t forget that 67 is also the 19th prime number, and we are in the time of COVID-19. Also, 1967 was EXACTLY 34 years before 9/11/2001. This is NOT a coincidence.

Today also has 46 & 26 numerology, corresponding with “Catholic” = 46, Joe Biden the 46th president, as well as “Chaos” = 46 & 26.

1/27/2021 – DAILY DECODE – Find out why GameStop REALLY went up in the Stockmarket Today

Today is a date with 33 numerology. “GameStop” = 33.

As you can see, GameStop today went to a high of $385 dollars per share.

Learn the code, and make money off these disgusting bankers to help make the world a better place and not to buy materialistic bullshit that is promoted in the entertainment and media all the time.


Today is a date with “Conspiracy” = 123 numerology.

This is also a date with “Masonry” = 105 & 33 numerology when using the Masonic Calendar.

Don’t forget that Kansas was originally 33 counties and is now 105 counties, and today is also a date with “Kansas” = 65 & 11 numerology.

Kansas was founded on the 29th day of the year. “Jewish” = 29.

Today is the 23rd day of the year, and “Topeka” = 23.

Why the Presidential Inauguration is Happening on 1/20/2021 – SIGNIFICANCE OF 120 and 21 NUMEROLOGY

Every single Presidential Inauguration since the 33rd President of the United States who was also a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason, has been held on January 20th, or 1/20. In this post you will learn why this date was chosen to be inauguration day by the secret society initiate Harry Truman, due to the ancient significance of the number 120.

As one can see from the Wikipedia page for the number 120, this is a very Jewish number. Freemasonry is a Jewish secret society that is obsessed with the numerology of the Bible and especially the building of Solomon’s Temple. As you can see below, 120 was the number of cubits of the height of the Temple. 120 is also considered the oldest age you can live to in Judaism, because that is the age which Moses died at. But most importantly, 120 is the number of Men of the Great Assembly (Illuminati), who contrived the books of the Jewish Bible.



This is especially important because to this day, the Jewish Knesset (Illuminati legislature) is made up of EXACTLY 120 members in tribute to this Biblical numerology.

January 20th could also be written as 20/1 in the rest of the world, a number that also holds special importance to the Jesuit Order and Christianity in general, as it was in the year 201 CE that the first Christian Government was supposedly formed.

This is also a date with “1+20” = 21 numerology. Don’t forget that this year is the 21st year of the 21st century as well, and tomorrow will be the 21st day of the year.

Finally I will show you the significant numerology of this date specifically, 1/20/2021.

1/15/2021 – DAILY DECODE – 115, 57, 21, 97 & 25 DATE NUMEROLOGY

Today is 1/15 like 115. This is the “Killing” number.

When using the Masonic Calendar, this is also a date with 97 and 25 numerology. These are known as the “Death” numbers. Do not be surprised if there is a suspicious death or killing today in the news.

Using the Gregorian Calendar, this is a date with 57 and 21 numerology.