$5,600 tip during “Coronavirus” = 56 at Ohio Souk Kitchen – Perfect Example of Contrived Jesuit Catholic Propaganda

On 12/12/2020, it was reported that a man named “Billy” walked into an Ohio restaurant and tipped EXACTLY $5600 dollars for EXACTLY 28 employees. In this article, I will show you just how numerologically contrived this news story is, and how it is linked perfectly synced with the Freemasons and Catholics.




To start, take a look at the name of the restaurant.

Next take a look at the date numerology.

They said exactly 28 employees received the tip.

Notice also that they used a Catholic symbol to represent the 12 apostles to cover the tippers name. Also, the address of the restaurant is at 139.

This was a piece of contrived Ohio propaganda from the Catholic Church.


1231 is the 202nd prime number, “Skull and Bones” = 202.

This is the 31st day of the month, 31 is the 11th prime number. This is also a date with 11 numerology. “Topeka” =31, “Kansas” = 11.

11 is known as the “Master” number to the Freemasons.

Today is a date with “12+31” = 43 numerology. “Masonic” = 43. “Pandemic” = 43. Watch for specific “Pandemic” related 43 rituals today.

Skull and Bones is a secret society at Yale.

Today is a date with 83 numerology. “Murder” = 83. Watch for an 83 related death today in the headlines.

Today is also a date with 47 numerology, and number which connects to the 47 degrees on the Masonic Compass, from the 47th problem of Euclid.

When using the Masonic Calendar, today is a date with 123 and 51 numerology.

Don’t forget that the Illuminati was formed 5/1/1776, just before the creation of the United States.

12/30/2020 – DAILY DECODE

Today is a date with “Conspiracy” = 123 numerology. Think of ABC 123.

Today is a date with 42 numerology, corresponding with “Freemason”, “Zionism”, “Saturn”, and “Jesuit”, as well as the 42 Laws of Ma’at.



This is the 365th day of the year, and the day leaving 1 day remaining in the year. “ABRAXAS” = 365 when using Greek Isopsephy.


Here is todays other significant date numerologies. Keep an eye out especially for Joe Biden and Catholic related propaganda today because of the 46 numerology. Biden is the 46th president, as well as the 2nd Catholic president.

42 states with coronavirus on a date with 42 numerology, up 42% in ages 18+24=42


In this news story, they reported that 42 states have an upward trajectory of Coronavirus cases on a date with 42 numerology using the Masonic Calendar.

42 is a very significant number to the Freemasons from Egypt.

In the article they also mention that cases are up 42% in ages 18 through 24, and the sum of 18 and 24 is 42.

Don’t forget that the significance of the number 42 comes from the 42 laws of Maat which is Ancient Egyptian Freemasonry. See the links below for more information related to 42:




In conclusion, this was a completely by the numbers piece of coronavirus propaganda issued by the Zionist Freemason Jesuits from Egypt.

Donald Trump Tests Positive for Coronavirus – A By the Numbers Kabbalah Ritual

In this post, you will learn how Donald Trump’s supposed “coronavirus diagnosis” is nothing more than staged theatrics by the Kabbalah practicing Masonic Government of the United States, who can not help but use this ancient Jewish numerology on a daily basis to continually lie to the whole world, and ritualistically sacrifice their citizens in “order out of chaos” staged crises and military conflict blood sacrifice rituals.

To begin, I will show you the very significant date numerology:

This was a date with 52 numerology, corresponding with the gematria of “President” = 52, and much more. See below for images:

I have known about the significance of 52 numerology, ever since I first decoded the “Masonic Grand Lodge Building” of the Kansas Grand Lodge of Freemasonry which is right next to the “Government” headquarters of Kansas.

Of course the name “Masonic Grand Lodge Building” sums to 239 using the alphabetical order which is the 52nd prime number. How perfect considering it is right next to the “Government” = 52 headquarters.

This was not the only number ritual performed, however. Notice also that the word “President” = 110, and from the Presidents coronavirus diagnosis to his previous birthday, it was a span of EXACTLY 110 days.

For more information about the significance of the number 110, such as why the World Trade Center was exactly 110 stories tall, and much more, please take a look at the following links below:



An additional ritual that I forgot to mention at first was that from the date of Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis to the upcoming election was a span of EXACTLY 33 days, a very Freemasonic Jesuit number, because Donald Trump is nothing more than an ACTOR for the Freemason Catholic Church from Egypt.