BLACKPINK – Lovesick Girls: Orwellian Illuminati Occult Satanic Brainwashing Music

This article will expose the occult Illuminati Freemasonic Catholic symbolism found within the next “BLACKPINK” music video called “Lovesick Girls”. Of course this piece of propaganda was distributed by Interscope Records whose goal is to destroy all creativity and freedom within the music industry by only releasing songs about drugs, sex, and money. This video continues that trend.

Within the first 15 seconds of the video, you can already see both an “octagon” and a “Star of David” attached to one of the singers. She was forced to wear these by the Illuminati, who own the record label she is signed to, to symbolize that she is their feudal slave property. The Freemasons own and operate the entire music industry, and this is further proof of their symbolism in music.

When one “octagon” isn’t enough for this gang of Freemasons, they will force you to wear another “octagon” and this time it has a crown on top to represent the aristocracy (rulers) who have enslaved her or she has joined with willingly.

Here they are showing an hourglass with more octagons. These both symbolize the number 8. Time is also symbolic of Cronus which is Saturn which is Satan. Here is the Freemason Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Kansas using this exact same symbology in front of the Sun and Moon symbolism.

Next they are clearly using Baphomet upper and lower worlds symbology.

In the next part she is wearing a Templars Cross, the secret society who openly worship Baphomet.

Then at the very end they show you a final example of left eye symbolism.

In conclusion this was another occult coded piece of Masonic Catholic propaganda to brainwash you into a toxic relationship with “no exit”.

Geneva “La Grange” Biden-Putin Illuminati Ritual

On June 16, 2021 Putin and Biden met in Geneva, SWITZERLAND at the “PARC DE LA GRANGE”. Here is what is interesting about that.

The only other significant meeting at this place was when Pope Paul VI celebrated a Mass at “La Grange” in 1969. “La Grange” is a common name for Freemasonic Lodges as well as Aristrocratic Castles.

There is Illuminati symbolism all over this place.

Octagon “rose garden”.
Octagon pool with RA HIEROGLYPHIC DISC.
Naked female children statue of the pedophile aristocracy.
They even have octagon on the chairs they are sitting on.

This meeting comes a span of EXACTLY 19000 days since the Pope’s Mass. This meeting was of course during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and Joe Biden is the 2nd openly CATHOLIC president in United States history.

67 is the 19th prime number.

This was a completely contrived Satanic Ritual of two actors for the Illuminati.

Wikipedia Honors Catholic Jesuit Priest on a date with Catholic Numerology – Further Proof Wikimedia is operated by “The Cabal”

Today on 7/1, Wikipedia is honoring the Jesuit priest “John Early” on their featured front page section. In this article you will learn how this happening today was no accident and is a CONSPIRACY by the Jesuit “Cabal” that owns and operates the entirety of Wikipedia.

Today is Canada Day, and the fact that they will STILL honor the Catholic Church TODAY in light of the continued “burial discoveries” of Native American children in CANADA is a SICK MOCKERY by the Jesuits who run Wikipedia.

Notice that “John Early” had his birthday on 7/1/1814. That is why they are honoring him today on Canada Day, to fit with the Catholic numerology.

Please share this post to spread awareness of the enemy within that appoints ALL of the actors of the world stage and has enslaved ALL of humanity with their lies, which is the Freemasons and the Catholic Jesuit Church who run ALL of the governments of the world and genocide the innocent by the millions.

Bill Cosby released from Jail by the Illuminati code of Gematria – 666 satanic ritual

Today on 6/30/2021 it was announced that notorious rapist “Bill Cosby” was released from jail. In this article you will learn how this was a NUMEROLOGY RITUAL by the 666 beast Catholic Jesuit Babylonian New World Order.

751 children sacrificed by the Catholic Illuminati

Yesterday on the 304 year anniversary of the establishment of modern day Freemasonry, June 24, 2021, St Johns Day, a CATHOLIC Holiday, it was announced that ANOTHER mass grave at a CATHOLIC school in Canada had been “discovered”.

Take a look at yesterdays date numerology below to see how yesterday was the perfect date for this evil Catholic human sacrifice ritual to take place on.

The school called “Marieval Indian Residential School” was first opened by the Roman Catholic Church on 12/19/1898, the 353rd day of the year, which is the 71st prime number.

Notice the VERY specific amount of 751 unmarked graves that they found. This is another example of contrived numerology by the Illuminati.

These innocent children were sacrificed by the Illuminati Catholic Freemason Government that runs the entire world. Please wake up humanity to see who the enemy really is and stop falling for their fake political theatrics.