Lady Gaga’s dogs “stolen” by the Catholic Church using an ancient Masonic Biblical code

This was a completely contrived by the numbers false flag ritual to mock humanity with something obviously staged. Lady Gaga is an ACTOR for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Do not believe this fake news propaganda because it is a total waste of your time to become emotionally attached to these FRAUDS.


On CNN this morning, now they are saying that the “Neighbor” who came to the rescue named is “RACHEL MASON“. What a MOCKERY! As predicted…

Clearly using GOD = DOG terminology. This is completely contrived fake news!

Coventry Health Care Caught Contriving 17 Numerology

Taking a look through my camera roll, I discovered a 17 ritual by a health care company known as “Coventry” who is owned by “Aetna” who in turn is owned by “CVS Health”. In this post I will be examining the possible numerology being contrived by these companies, which is evidence they are run by the Catholics.

Everything in these companies numerologies points to the Catholic Church.

Even the name “Coventry” is a Catholic name historically. Given all this evidence, you can easily conclude that the fake story of someone running their 17th “triathlon” (representing the Catholic trinity) is not a coincidence, because St Peters basilica has 17 numerology coded right into the Dome architecture.

QAnon Exposed: How the Secret Societies of the World Create Bullshit “Conspiracy Theories” to Distract you from the Real Ones

This is already enough evidence to PROVE that QAnon is a total false flag psyop by the Freemasons and Catholic Church who UNDENIABLY run the government. I know some people are asking, “Why would the government create a fake conspiracy?”. The answer to this is because the government IS an ancient 6000 year old conspiracy from Mesopotamia, and they KNOW that people are finding this out and are “conspiracy theorists”/ “truth seekers”. So, in order to cover up this REAL conspiracy, they create a FAKE one to DISTRACT you, misinform you, mock you, lie to you, and discredit you.

The whole premise of QAnon is that Donald Trump is actually fighting the bad guys (The Illuminati, The Freemasons, The Catholic Church), and that the bad guys want him removed from power because he is “exposing” them. To anyone with a brain that functions, this is clearly a LIE, because Donald Trump has never exposed any pedophile cannibal cult, he’s never exposed the Illuminati, he’s never exposed the Freemasons, he’s never exposed the Catholic Church, he’s never exposed the Jesuit Order, he’s never exposed Israel, he’s never exposed Wall Street, he’s never exposed the aristocracy, he’s actually never exposed ANYTHING other than the fact that he is a complete puppet on strings government Illuminati agent for the very same organizations that the QAnon brainwashed slaves believes he’s somehow “fighting against”.

Don’t fall for the QAnon brainwashing that the pedophile cannibal Satanists are ONLY the Democrats. Both the Republicans and Democrats, including Trump himself are Satanic pedophile NEW WORLD ORDER Jesuit Freemasonic ACTORS.

You are completely delusional if you believe Donald Trump has EVER fought against the “bad guys” in ANY way. You don’t get into the White House unless you are one of the “bad guys”. That’s the way it has been from the beginning. Even George Washington himself was a member of the disgusting Illuminati.

In conclusion, please read my post about 17 numerology to understand how this is NOT A COINCIDENCE, because this is one of the most important numbers in all of numerology, being used over 2000 years ago, and look out for my next post for another modern example of 17 numerology being used by the Freemasons.


In this post you will learn about the secret Freemasonic and Catholic history of North Korea, which is always featured in the fake news propaganda.

Notice the overlap with “Catholic” and “North Korea”.

Also, “North Korean” and “Freemasonry” overlap in all four ciphers, not by accident.

Notice also that when using the Masonic Calendar, North Korea was founded on a date with “North Korea” = 125 numerology.

9/9 is also significant because of the connection with “The United States of America” = 99, the name of which was chosen on 9/9/1776.

Notice also the day that “Kim Jong-Un” became Supreme leader is the same day that Pope Francis was born. Not a coincidence!

This makes it a span of EXACTLY 75 years later, corresponding with “Catholic Church” = 75, as well as “New World Order” = 75.