Catholic Freemason Illuminati Confirmed – Jew Jesuit Doug Emhoff with Catholic Miguel Cardona, Catholic Laura Kelly and Catholic Michelle De La Isla

On Aug 9th 2021, 2nd Gentleman “Doug Emhoff”, Secretary of Education “Miguel Cardona”, Kansas Governor “Laura Kelly” and Topeka, Kansas mayor “Michelle De La Isla” visited Topeka High School to promote “vaccination”. In this post you will learn how this was a CATHOLIC RITUAL and this vaccination campaign is a CATHOLIC AGENDA, just like all of this “coronavirus pandemic” is an ILLUMINATI AGENDA.

Doug Emhoff is a Jewish Jesuit. His wife Kamala Harris was Jesuit trained and is notorious for refusing to prosecute Catholic pedophiles.

Miguel Cardona is a Catholic appointed by Catholic Biden.

Laura Kelly is a Roman Catholic.

Topeka Mayor Michelle de La Isla is a Roman Catholic as well.

Notice during the speech at Topeka High School they had this sign behind them.

In my next post I will show you the secret Freemason Catholic history of Topeka High School and why this was a perfect ritual ground for this ritual.

Washington Monument Geometry and Symbolism

The George Washington phallic monument in Washington D.C. is designed to symbolize the penetration of the Vesica Pisces (vagina) which then results in the “conception” or creation of the United States of America.

Both of these are common Catholic symbols, as I have shown in previous articles on my website.

The Washington Monument is a 500 ft tower with a 55 ft “pyramidion” on top.

555 ft converted into inches is exactly 6660 inches, a number that is also associated with other Satanic Rituals such as Topeka, Kansas being the only government headquarters having the 666 zip code.


Please read the excerpt below from my upcoming book which will expose all the secret societies of the world including the Masons and the Jesuits.

  • This lodge was chartered on 2/18/1891.
  • The address: 6161 SLATER ST
    Merriam, KS, 66202.
  • Merriam, Kansas is a city in Johnson County.
  • The number of this lodge is symbolic because it is three three’s. 333 also symbolic of the Thelemic demonic entity known as Choronzon, but I’m unsure if there is a Masonic connection.
  • The year this lodge was chartered is significant because 1891 is the 61st triangular number, and this lodge’s address is 6161. The number 61 is significant because the word “Hebrew” = 61.
  • “Rosedale” = 79, 34, 137, & 47, corresponding with “Government” = 137 & 47, as well as “Hebrew” = 34, “Knights” = 34, “Holiest” = 34, and “Topeka, Kansas” = 34, the capital city of the 34th state, where this lodge is located. Also, the “Society of Jesus” = 79. “Merriam, Kansas” = 142 & 52, just like “Gematria” = 142 & 52, and “Government” = 52.
  • This was the 49th day of the year, “Merriam” = 49, 112 & 77, just like “Judaism” = 49, 112 & 77, and “Catholicism” = 112 & 49.
  • This was a date with “2+18+1+8+9+1” = 39, “2+1+8+1+8+9+1” = 30, “2+18+91” = 111, “2+1+8+9+1” = 21, “2+18+5+8+9+1” = 43, and “2+1+8+5+8+9+1” = 34 numerologies. The words “Masonry” = 33 & 39, “Secrecy” = 33 & 39, and “Society” = 33 & 39. “Police” = 33 & 30, just like “Order” = 33 & 30. 111 is 666 in Sumerian numerology, and “Secrecy” = 111. “Saturn” = 21 & 42, “Jesuit” = 21 & 42, and the name of the street “Slater” = 21 & 42. “Masonic” = 43, and see above for 34 decode.

Watch this video to see for yourself:


I will publish more research about the Missouri Freemasons in the coming weeks. It is worth noting that this lodge was on the same street as Joplin City Hall and Joplin Police Department as I was able to predict without even seeing a map and these buildings also had the same Illuminati architectural symbolism.