PARS EXPOSED – Local Satanic Ritual of Freemason Police in Topeka, Kansas

PARS is a “Prevention and Resiliency Services” center in Topeka, Kansas. To most people, this would seem like a good organization to prevent drug abuse. Unfortunately, that is not the real motive of this group, and in this article you will learn about the SYMBOLISM that PARS is using, and what this really means.

As you can see from their logo above, PARS identifies by a PENTAGRAM. SYMBOLISM is the language of the secret societies of the world, and this makes all the more sense given that PARS is run by the Topeka Police Department, which is in turn run by the Freemasons and the Catholic Church (Jesuit Order).

Just when you thought this organization could not be any more Satanic…..

A 666 phone number, in the 666 zip code? How could it get any more obvious that PARS is run by this numerology practicing gang of Freemasons and Jesuits.

Notice also the address of 2209. 2209 is 47 * 47, a very special number to the Freemasons. See their logo below for more information.

In conclusion, this is just another Satanic Government ritual whose employees may not even be aware of what they are participating in and perpetuating.

The REAL Reason Why Kamala Harris Went to Guatemala Today – ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED

Today, the news reported that Kamala Harris traveled to Guatemala in her first foreign trip as vice president. In this article, you will learn the REAL reason why this happened TODAY, 6/7/2021.

Today is the 54 year anniversary of the Jews retaking Jerusalem for the first time in over 2000 years on 6/7/1967. Today is ALSO a date with 54 numerology.

Don’t forget about the 1954 Guatemala coup, when the 34th US president, Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was from the 34th state (Kansas), took over the entire country of Guatemala using the CIA and completely enslaved the entire population under their Freemasonic Catholic Aristocratic Dictatorship.

I hope that the people of Guatemala will see this website to learn how these ancient Illuminati politicians operate by a code of letters and numbers and will use this knowledge to empower their fellow citizens to rise up against the NWO.

Donald Trump returns to STAGE because he’s an ACTOR for the ILLUMINATI

In the latest contrived bullshit headline in the news, the actor Donald Trump was reported to have returned to the STAGE in North Carolina. This is further proof that he is just an ACTOR taking orders from the Illuminati who operates by an ancient Jewish/Babylonian code of letters and numbers called “gematria”.

This was the PERFECT date for Trump to return to his theatrical performance.

Look how ABC even contrived the length of the video to be the 47th prime.


On 6/3/2021, Pope Francis announced a new “Apostolic Nuncio” for the State of Israel, on the same day as the Feast of Corpus Christi. In this article you will learn how this was a CANNIBALISTIC ILLUMINATI RITUAL.

Corpus Christi is the Catholic holiday to remember what’s called the “REAL PRESENCE” of Christ during Communion. This means that when eating the bread and drinking the wine, you are actually eating Jesus’ body and drinking his blood because of transubstantiation, and it is NOT merely “symbolic”.

This is PROOF that the Catholic Church is an ANCIENT CANNIBALISTIC CULT. And the fact that Pope Francis appointed the new “Apostolic Nuncio” to Israel on this date is NOT AN ACCIDENT, for Israel has long been a cannibalistic headquarters, as evidenced by their notorious organ harvesting practices.

Next, take a look at the numerology behind this ritual.

From the date that the previous apostolic nuncio”Leopoldo Girelli” left office on his 68th birthday to the date the current apostolic nuncio “Adolfo Yllana” was appointed on “Corpus Christi” = 83, was a span of EXACTLY 83 days later.

Notice also his full name fits his contrived motto very specifically.

On his coat of arms you will see the “octagon” to represent the “Star of Ishtar” of the Annunaki “dingir”, as well as the Rosicrucian Lutheran Rose Pentagram which represents the ritual blood sacrifice of mankind. The waves represent the concept of 3 and 4 numerology and the waters that Enki/Dagon emerged from to enslave mankind with the sacred “mes” of the Babylonian Catholic Church.

There is much more to decode here that I will get to in PART 2. Stay tuned!


Today on a date with 51 numerology, it was reported that the FBI sees “parallels” between the supposed “cyber attacks” and the 9/11 false flag.

Notice the emphasis that CNN places on the word “parallels”. I will show you in this article the REAL parallels that CNN does NOT want you to know about.

This is nothing more than a MASONIC RITUAL. Watch out for “Israel” related rituals today as well because today is 6/4, and “Israel” = 64.