Adele – Oh My God: Illuminati Confirmed Propaganda

On Jan 12th 2021, the government agent named “Adele” released a new piece of propaganda for the masses called “Oh My God”, and indeed this is some of the worst music I have ever heard, if you could even call it that, which would be sort of like calling vegan “meat” as real meat. This really isn’t music, it’s actually just contrived propaganda created by her Illuminati record label to mock and enslave humanity. Her record label is “Columbia” much like the “District of Columbia” and not by accident. They are owned and operated by “Sony Music” which is one of the “Big Three” record labels along with “Warner Music” and “Universal Music” which combined control 99% of all music in the world.

The extremely high level of psychological warfare going on in the mainstream music industry is UNDENIABLE. It is not a coincidence that Michael Lynton the former CEO of “Sony Music” is now the current chairman of “Warner Music”. Of course he is also the current chairman of “Snapchat Inc” the popular social media app which is used like music for psychological warfare and mind control.

Now take a look at this Masonic Catholic Illuminati piece of propaganda:

Right away, just by looking at the thumbnail for this video you can tell that it is a Catholic piece of propaganda. They have her dressed like a Catholic saint inside of a Catholic saint halo just like I’ve caught many others doing as well.

This is how I am able to identify Illuminati propaganda so quickly, because I have seen it over and over and over and over and over again. Unlike 99% of humanity, I am awake and aware that there is a gang of powerful rulers and their slaves who ritualistically contrive the news, music, entertainment, history, science and more with their symbolism and numerology.

Notice also the video time of 3:53, a common numerology for them to use in their propaganda as I have documented before with Katy Perry. This is even more significant when you realize that the 3 min 53 sec video was released on Jan 12, 2022 which is the day leaving 353 days left in the year.

The video starts with the image of an apple on a chair in black and white. This is to symbolize the apple in the “Garden of Eden” which is taken and eaten by “Eve” from the “Tree of Knowledge of Good AND Evil”. She is paying tribute to her Sumerian masters who corrupted her natural innocence and “civilized” her.

This theme of giving in to the corruption of mankind is continued throughout the video. Here is another example: a woman wearing all white to symbolize purity and innocence, holding the cross in her right hand, lies dead on the floor.

Next, you can see more evidence that Adele is involved with high level occultism from her contrived “earrings”. Notice the sun and moon duality symbology.

Of course this duality theme is throughout the video. Here they have a person painted half black half white and physically looks half man and half woman.

This multiple personality disorder theme is continued when Adele literally “splits” into two different people, both with Catholic halos over her head.

At the very end, she eats from the apple to fully confirm she is in league with Satan and practices the Masonic Jesuit concept of good and evil.

The lyrics also show that this song is just double think propaganda.

Luckily humanity has this bimbo fraud Illuminati sell out actor to tell little girls to be whores and sluts to “empower” their “femininity”… what a joke! We’ve seen this degraded propaganda many times before in the pop “music” industry. If you’ve learned anything by the end of this article, I hope its that you realize that all of your favorite lame pop stars are just clown actors for the Illuminati.

Author: Illuminati Exposed

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