Doja Cat Illuminati Exposed Part 1 – Occult Sumerian Symbology

In this post you will learn how the Doja Cat music video for the song entitled “You Right” is nothing more than a Sumerian Orwellian Illuminati piece of propaganda. I will show you the symbolism below which proves this is an occult ritual.

People who listen to this clown actor tool who uses auto tune should realize the only reason she is famous is because she a useful idiot puppet asset of the Illuminati record industry who knows she will be a good product to sell on iTunes. The fact that people take this laughable music seriously is hilarious.

Masonic chessboard.
Red white a blue houses of Egypt. Egypt and Greece are historically the same country.
Here you can see she is completely demonically possessed by Isis/Ishtar/Inanna.

This is a Masonic ritual. It is so obvious that you barely have to pay attention to notice all the occult Satanic ancient Sumerian Catholic rituals going on in Hollywood.

Author: Illuminati Exposed

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