Jesuit Ritual In Topeka, Kansas – Pedophile Priest John Pilcher

On 9/27/2021 it was reported that Topeka Mater Dei Catholic Parish Priest “John Pilcher” had received sexual assault allegations. In this article, you will learn how this was a contrived Jesuit Ritual.

Notice that 9/27 is the day in history that the Jesuit Order was formed. John Pilcher is the priest of the Catholic Church that is next to the Masonic Lodge and Capitol Building on 8th street.

Here is the front entrance of this church with the Jesuit IHS.

Look at how many times he says the word “sacrifice(s)”. What a creep!

This was a contrived Jesuit Satanic ritual synced up with the formation of the Jesuit Order.

Author: Illuminati Exposed

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