Catholic Boy Scouts trained to lie to humanity in a numerologically contrived fake Jesuit Masonic Female Water Drowning Ritual

In the latest Jesuit horseshit news story, CNN has reported that two “Boy Scouts” who identify by the Catholic Fleur-de-lis saved a “woman” from “water”. This is not the first time we have seen these obvious female-water related rituals. Check out this post from Rambo for more info:

The Official Boy Scouts logo.
File:Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church (Mount Vernon, Ohio) - stained glass, fleur-de-lis.JPG
Fleur-de-lis at Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Water is associated with the astrological sign of “cancer” and this ritual happened during cancer.

Notice it was reported on 7/3. 73 is the 21st prime number, “Jesuit” = 21.

This ritual occurred the city of “Columbia, Missouri”, the headquarters of the “Grand Lodge of Missouri”, and the name of the town sums to 73 as well.

Notice also that the Grand Lodge of Missouri was founded on 4/21/1821. As you can see, the Grand Lodge of Missouri is clearly using “Jesuit” = 21 numerology. And the fact that this “drowning” supposedly occurred by these very same patterns and codes is NOT a coincidence. This was a major Jesuit Masonic training ritual to recruit these Jesuit actors to work for the Illuminati.

Author: Illuminati Exposed

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