Wikipedia Honors Catholic Jesuit Priest on a date with Catholic Numerology – Further Proof Wikimedia is operated by “The Cabal”

Today on 7/1, Wikipedia is honoring the Jesuit priest “John Early” on their featured front page section. In this article you will learn how this happening today was no accident and is a CONSPIRACY by the Jesuit “Cabal” that owns and operates the entirety of Wikipedia.

Today is Canada Day, and the fact that they will STILL honor the Catholic Church TODAY in light of the continued “burial discoveries” of Native American children in CANADA is a SICK MOCKERY by the Jesuits who run Wikipedia.

Notice that “John Early” had his birthday on 7/1/1814. That is why they are honoring him today on Canada Day, to fit with the Catholic numerology.

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Author: Illuminati Exposed

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