“Bibi” voted out on the day leaving 201 days left in the year and the 666 connection

Netanyahu out, Bennett in as Israel marks end of an era | Reuters

This begins the 36th Israeli government. 666 is the 36th triangular number.

Notice also they said this vote passed with exactly 60 votes. This comes on a date with 60 numerology, the number of Anu, which is Yhwh, where the significance of the base-60 Sumerian numerology system comes from.

Freemasonry equates to 59 in English and in Hebrew, the 17th prime number. “God” = 17, “YHWH” = 17. 17 is the 7th prime number. See my post “The Significance of the Number 17” for more information regarding this number.

This was nothing more than a staged theatrical performance by the Illuminati.

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