On Sunday 5/9/2021 it was reported by the police of Colorado Springs, Colorado that SEVEN people were dead after a mass shooting at a BIRTHDAY party.


Here is what is suspicious about this story coming on this exact date, 5/9.

5/9 is much like the number 59, and 59 is a very important number to the ancient Illuminati because it is the 17th prime number. That is why “Freemasonry” = 59 in English and in Hebrew. If you are unfamiliar with the significance of the number 17, please read this post on my website as well: https://illuminatiexposed.org/2020/10/07/the-significance-of-the-number-17-part-one/

Also, don’t forget that 17 is the 7th prime number corresponding with the fact that they are reporting that 7 were killed at this “birthday” party.

Notice also that May 9th is the 129 day of the year, corresponding with “Birthday” = 129.

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