Today there is a likely blood sacrifice planned by the numbers.

Today is the day leaving 331 days left in the year. 331 is the 67th prime.

Today is also a date with 86 numerology when using the Masonic Calendar.

This corresponds with the gematria of “Blood Sacrifice”= 67 & 86.

Today is also the 34th day of the year, “Jewish” = 34.

There is a long Jewish history of using 67 for blood sacrifice numerology. Look no further than the 6/7/1967 retaking of the Jerusalem, as well as the 1967 founding of the Third Temple movement Eretz Yisrael to re-institute the practice of ritual “blood sacrifice” at the Jewish Temple. Don’t forget that 67 is also the 19th prime number, and we are in the time of COVID-19. Also, 1967 was EXACTLY 34 years before 9/11/2001. This is NOT a coincidence.

Today also has 46 & 26 numerology, corresponding with “Catholic” = 46, Joe Biden the 46th president, as well as “Chaos” = 46 & 26.

Author: Illuminati Exposed

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