On January 23rd 2021 I pointed out how this was a date with 33 numerology when using the Masonic Calendar.

Then later in the propaganda that day it was reported that the POLICE from Kansas and Los Angeles had been conducting an operation since January 11th 2021 to “rescue” EXACTLY 33 children from sex trafficking.

Notice that the date of the beginning of the “operation” was ALSO a date with 33 numerology.

The name of the event was called “Operation Lost Angels”. Take a look at the gematria.

Again the day that this was announced was a date with 105 numerology and “Masonry” = 105. Notice also the 84, corresponding again with “Masonry” = 84, as well as “Jesuit” = 84 and “Zionism” = 105 & 84. Don’t forget that the first Jesuit Pope, Pope Francis is EXACTLY 84 years old right now.

In conclusion, this piece of propaganda from the “Police” = 33 was a false flag to trick you into believing the LIE that the government is against child sex trafficking, when in reality both the Democrats and Republicans, including Donald Trump and Joe Biden, are both intimately involved in an ancient Catholic Egyptian Freemasonic CANNIBALISTIC PEDOPHILE CULT.

Author: Illuminati Exposed

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