DJ Snake – Taki Taki ft. Ozuna, Cardi B & Selena Gomez – CATHOLIC ILLUMINATI PROPAGANDA

In this post you will learn the Satanic Catholic symbolism hidden in the occult music video called “Taki Taki” by DJ Snake.

To begin, notice the video is exactly 3:51 in length. 351 is the 26th triangular number, corresponding with “God” = 26 in English and in Hebrew, and with the 26 letters in English & Latin, the Catholic contrived language system of Rome.

Also, notice that the music video was released on 10/9/2018. This was the 282nd day of the year, and “Taki Taki” = 82 & 28.

The music video is filmed inside a “Volcano”.

This was also a date with 19 numerology. “DJ Snake” = 19.

From the day that the song was first announced on 8/25/2018 to the day the song was first released on 9/28/2018 was a span of EXACTLY 35 days.

8/25/2018 was also a date with 71, 26 & 33 numerology.

Also, from 8/25/2018, to the release of the music video on 10/9/2018 was a span of EXACTLY 46 days. “CATHOLIC” = 35 & 46.

Next, I will show you the most important part to understand about this music video, which is the SYMBOLISM hidden in plain sight.

Within 3 seconds you can already see 3 Catholic crosses. Don’t forget Cardi B is a “Catholic”.

Here you can see she is literally wearing at least 10 different Catholic Crosses. TEN. Could they be any more obvious?

As you can see this Catholic piece of propaganda is absolutely LOADED with their symbolism.

Another major theme in the video is the Catholic prayer symbolism.

Notice also the Catholic pyramids all over his jacket, which is what I will expose next.

There is also A TON of Catholic pyramids coded secretly into the video. Look below.

Notice also the gematria of “Range Rover”, a disgusting materialistic company.

Don’t forget that this video came out on a date with 57 numerology as well.


The most important recurring theme to understand about both this music video and the song lyrics is the total enslavement of all of humanity being symbolized by the disgusting patriarchy of the Catholic Church.

In the following pictures you will see numerous examples of women being bound at the neck and forced into sex slavery by the Catholic Church. This is a very dark video for any one to watch, but this is how they promote being a sex slave. If you support or “like” this song or any of the artists or companies participating in this video, YOU ARE LITERALLY SUPPORTING SEX SLAVERY.

Even Cardi B has the serpent noose around her neck in this Satanic video.

Here is more examples of serpent and Lucifer symbolism used by the Illuminati.

This is an example of Baphomet Cult of Mithras symbolism of the Catholic Church.

Next I will show you the lyrics which are translated here.

The entire song is about being a sex slave for the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church is from Sumeria, which is where the Annunaki are from. They are the humans pretending to be Gods who believe they have the divine right to rule over us and rape and torture and cannibalize us whenever they want.

The lyrics and music video also very clearly are promoting materialism, which is a very EVIL thing to promote to anyone.

In conclusion this is probably one of the most obvious Satanic Catholic videos I have ever seen. I hope that by reading this post and learning about their symbolism, you will understand the DIRE SITUATION we are in as a society, that we have been COMPLETELY ENSLAVED by an ANCIENT MYSTERY RELIGION, and that the world NEEDS YOUR HELP to convince EVERYONE TO WORK TOGETHER TO SPIRITUALLY TRANSFORM SOCIETY AWAY FROM THE GOVERNMENT, AWAY FROM RELIGION, AND AWAY FROM SCIENCE, into a world based upon the GOLDEN RULE and not on the CAREER, where the music is about FREEDOM and LOVE, and not about SLAVERY AND MATERIALISM.


Author: Illuminati Exposed

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