January 11th 2021 / Satanic Ritual Prediction – 21 days after the 21st of December

The reason I am writing this post is to warn the viewers of this website about a possible Satanic Blood Sacrifice Ritual on the date January 11th, 2021. In this post I will examine the numerological significance behind this date specifically in relation to the Great Conjunction that occurred on December 21st, 2020.

The first point worth mentioning is that this date is written 1/11. This is a lot like the number 111, and as I stated in my post titled “THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST RITUAL”, the number 111 has a special relationship to the number 666, because in the Sumerian number system where the Illuminati originated from, they use the base-60 numerology, meaning everything is multiplied by 6 when compared to our base-10 number system.

666 is a number that is associated with Satan and Saturn. This is because 666 is the 36th triangular number, and the square root of 36 is 6. This is significant because Saturn is the 6th planet from the Sun.

The reason why it is important to understand the Saturn connection to 111 and 666, is because this date, January 11th, 2021, is exactly 21 days from the SATURN CONJUNCTION on the 21st of December. Even more interesting, this is happening during the 21st year of the 21st century, and the gematria of “Saturn” = 21.

Another reason this date is looking ripe for a Satanic Ritual is the fact that it is a date with 93 and 21 numerology when using the Masonic Calendar. This corresponds with the gematria of “Saturn” = 93 & 21.

In conclusion, stay safe and keep an eye out for this numerology being used on this day. Hopefully we will not have a major attack or something.

Author: Illuminati Exposed

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