As you can see, they are emphasizing the word “chaos” = 46. Today is a date with 46 numerology.

Please see my daily decode for 12/30/2020 to understand how I predicted exactly what numerology CNN would be using today.

Don’t forget that there is EXACTLY 46 books in the CATHOLIC Old Testament.

The actor in the image is “Adam Kinzinger”. “ADAM” = 46 when using Greek Isopsephy. This is why he is paired with this “chaos” ritual.

Notice also the heavy emphasis on “MISSOURI”. He is reporting from MISSOURI City, Texas, about the Senator from MISSOURI. The only reason this is in the news today is because of the numerology of “MISSOURI” = 123.

This is the EXACT numerology I predicted would be used today hours earlier just by knowing todays date numerology is 12/30 and “12+30” = 42.

Notice how his name overlaps in 3 of the 4 base ciphers with “Catholic Church”.

Notice also how the video from CNN is EXACTLY 01:10 in length. This news story is about the “President” = 110.

This is more proof that the Catholic Church is contriving the news EVERY SINGLE DAY. Stay tuned because there will be more rituals without any doubt.

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