Google = 34 back in the Knights Templar news on a date with 34 numerology

Yesterday, on 10/20/2020, it was announced that the government of the United States had filled a lawsuit against Google. In this post, you will learn how this was nothing more than a by-the-numbers piece of propaganda by the Knights Templar Catholic Freemasons.

You can see how this was a date with 34 numerology, corresponding with the gematria of “Google” and much more. Please see my post titled “Number of the Beast Ritual” about how “Topeka, Kansas” = 34, was renamed to “Google” in another by-the-numbers Freemasonic ritual. Here is the link:

Here is the link to the news article about Google from yesterday, 10/20/2020:

You’ll notice in the article how they emphasize “long overdue”, overlapping with “conspiracy”, as seen below.

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