Lil Nas X – Catholic Illuminati Freemason Government Agent EXPOSED

In this article I will show you the continued MKUltra Catholic sex slave symbolism BLATANTLY being used by Lil Nas X and his handlers.

Firstly, notice there is a Sun and Moon tattooed on his left and right arms.

This is an example Masonic Mithraic symbology using the same sun and moon. Remember that the Freemasons and Cult of Mithras are a MALE ONLY cult, just like the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH who practice homosexuality en masse.

Secondly, notice the tattoo in between the heart and throat chakra. This is the symbol of the “Star of Ishtar” or “Star of Venus” which is “OCTAGON”.

Notice in this ancient Sumerian kudurru the usage of the Star of Ishtar, the moon, and the sun, all three of which are still used by the Freemasons.

The cult of Ishtar is known for its homosexual SINGING “gala” priests.

Thirdly, notice the “solar halo” around his head. This is EXACTLY like the Roman Catholic Church depicts their saints. This is NOT a coincidence!

Lastly, notice the chains and the prison bars behind him. This is symbolic of his total enslavement by the Roman Catholic Church. The butterflies might also be symbolic of PROJECT MONARCH a mind control project within Project MKultra.

Catholic Boy Scouts trained to lie to humanity in a numerologically contrived fake Jesuit Masonic Female Water Drowning Ritual

In the latest Jesuit horseshit news story, CNN has reported that two “Boy Scouts” who identify by the Catholic Fleur-de-lis saved a “woman” from “water”. This is not the first time we have seen these obvious female-water related rituals. Check out this post from Rambo for more info:

The Official Boy Scouts logo.
File:Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church (Mount Vernon, Ohio) - stained glass, fleur-de-lis.JPG
Fleur-de-lis at Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Water is associated with the astrological sign of “cancer” and this ritual happened during cancer.

Notice it was reported on 7/3. 73 is the 21st prime number, “Jesuit” = 21.

This ritual occurred the city of “Columbia, Missouri”, the headquarters of the “Grand Lodge of Missouri”, and the name of the town sums to 73 as well.

Notice also that the Grand Lodge of Missouri was founded on 4/21/1821. As you can see, the Grand Lodge of Missouri is clearly using “Jesuit” = 21 numerology. And the fact that this “drowning” supposedly occurred by these very same patterns and codes is NOT a coincidence. This was a major Jesuit Masonic training ritual to recruit these Jesuit actors to work for the Illuminati.

George Floyd – 38 Ritual by the Gematria practicing Freemasons and Jesuit Order

This Masonic ritual happened on May 25th 2020 a date with 38 numerology when using the Masonic Calendar. Police are known for being infested with Freemasonry, so there is no doubt that this was a staged false flag.

Further, George Floyd was killed on 38th street, next to police car number 830.

In conclusion, George Floyd was an Illuminati Masonic Ritual Sacrifice.

Proof South Sudan is Owned and Operated by the Vatican Illuminati – Contrived Jesuit Warfare Exposed

This ritual occurred on 7/9/2021. July 9th is the Independence Day for South Sudan. This is further proof that South Sudan is operated by the Jesuit Order.

Pope Francis along with both the head of the Anglican Church Justin Welby and the head of the Scotland Church Jim Wallace issued a Joint Statement proclaiming that the end to the violence in South Sudan will require a “personal sacrifice” from the South Sudanese leaders.

Notice the chair in this picture is adorned with a Catholic fluer de lis. Also, the time that this article was posted at was 8:04 AM, much like the number 84.

Notice also that the photo of President Salva Kiir is from 2/15/2020. They are CLEARLY syncing up the date numerology of the photo with this article.

Feb 15 is also a date with “2+15” = 17 numerology as well as the 46th day of the year and the day leaving 320 days left in the year. “Catholic” = 46, “Roman Catholic Church” = 320.

The second photo in the contrived gallery is from October 3rd, 2020.

From Feb 15 2020 to Oct 3 2020 is a span of EXACTLY 231 days the 21st triangular number, or a span of EXACTLY 33 weeks.