Vincent Jackson dead at 38 – MURDER BY NUMBERS

In this post you will learn how Vincent Jackson was ritualistically sacrificed by the National Fixed League in numerology riddle synced around the number 38 & 83.

They said he was found dead yesterday in “Brandon, Florida”.

He played number 83 for the Buccaneers, and was born in the year 1983. Now they are saying he was found dead at age 38. These are the “murder” numbers.

They said he died on 2/15/2021, a date with 38 numerology.

This is PROOF the NFL is sacrificing their players or faking their deaths, and the players are probably in on it somehow.

Parler is a Controlled Opposition Platform run by the Catholic Church

Today is was announced that “Parler” had been randomly reactivated after a period of time that is was banned by Amazon. I will show you in this post how this whole story was fake news distraction by the numbers of Kabbalah.

This is the real reason why Parler was reactivated on this day.

Parler is literally just the Vatican further building their surveillance state.