Egyptian Satanic Ritual by 666 Nazi NASA Templars – OSIRIS-REX BENNU SYMBOLISM DECODED

In this article you will learn how the OSIRIS-REx Space Mission by 666 Nazi NASA was a completely contrived by the numbers piece of propaganda by an ancient Egyptian numerology practicing cult called the Catholic Church.

The day that the OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft supposedly took off from Earth was September 8th, 2016, a date written 8/9 in most of the world, corresponding with the gematria of “Osiris” = 89.

Notice also the significant overlap between the words “Osiris” and “Catholic”.

The Egyptian spacecraft then rendezvoused with the Egyptian asteroid “Bennu” on December 3rd, 2018, or 12/3/2018. The word “Conspiracy” = 123.

Now I will show you how both of these dates have the exact same date numerology. Please ask yourself, what are the odds that this space craft would take off and begin orbit of the asteroid exactly 26 months and 26 days later, with both dates also having 26 numerology?

As you can see, 9/8/2016 was a date with 53, 26, 33 & 17 numerology, corresponding with the date of the rendezvous on 12/3/2018, a date also with 53, 26, 33, & 17 numerology. This is NOT a coincidence!

The word “Asteroid” = 53, and this mission was to land on an “asteroid”.

Of course, 26 & 17 are the “God” numbers that I have previously mentioned, significant in both English and in Hebrew.

The 33 represents the Freemasons, who contrived this ritual.

12/3/2018 was also the day leaving 28 days left in the year, and “Space” = 28.

According to Wilkinson, Richard H. (2003), The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, Bennu was commonly associated with Osiris. So this is clear evidence that Nazi NASA contrived this ritual about the Osiris space probe to land on Bennu, based upon ancient Old World mythological knowledge.

Then it was reported in the news on 10/20/2020 that the OSIRIS-REx had made successful contact with the “Bennu” asteroid. This means that on the 20th day of the month, in the year 2020 that “Bennu” = 20 was finally landed upon.

Here is the link to the news:

Also, take a look at the official NASA Osiris-Rex logo, which is very clearly a Freemason Egyptian Pyramid.

In conclusion, this was a total Egyptian Nazi Freemason ritual, and stay tuned if you are interested in learning more about how NASA operates by the numbers, I have another NASA post already in the works.

Katy Perry – Firework: A Catholic Masonic Ritual Celebrating Cancer, Obesity, Mental Illness, and Divorce

In this post, you will learn about a Masonic Ritual called “Firework” by Katy Perry. This “song” was released on October 26th, 2010 by Capitol Records, which is a subsidiary of the Universal Music Group, which is one of the so called “Big Three” music labels that control the music industry. This was the day leaving 66 days left in the year, as well as a date with “10+26+20+10” = 66 numerology. Also, “10+26” = 36, and the 36th triangular number is 666. When you write out the phrase, “number of the beast” it equates to 66.

You may also notice that the 8th triangular number is 36, which you will see the significance of soon, because 8 represents “Octagon”.

Please watch this video:, and read this post: before reading this information in order to better understand the significance of what you are seeing here.

I will now show you the occult symbology of this “music video”, which was released by “Ultra Music” a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment, another one of the “Big Three”, both of which are headquartered in New York, which will become relevant at the end of this post. As for Ultra Music, they are just a branch of Project “MKUltra” which stands “Mind Kontrol Ultra”, a Satanic CIA operation that never ended, and subsequently has taken over the minds of the population through a military propaganda operation, controlling everything from government, to news, to music and entertainment.

You can follow along and watch the music video here:

The music video for the song “Firework” was filmed at Buda Castle, in Budapest, Hungary. This is where the Satanic Octagon vampire Vlad Dracula was staying at, so this is probably a pedophile trafficking location of the aristocracy. The video starts with her standing next to 17 pillars on a Masonic chessboard.

Vlad Dracula wearing his Sumerian Templar Octagon because he is part of the aristocracy.
She is standing next to a circle of exactly 17 pillars, “God” = 17, “YHWH” = 17, Freemasonry began 1717.

Then she begins to show her Illuminati possession while singing “let it shine”.

The video continues by showing a clear example of “left eye” symbolism, specifically put in the video to show someone moving in front of the homosexual actor, but only blocking his right eye and then moving away.

She also sings about a “rainbow”, which is a Judaic symbol as well as an ancient symbol of the “rainbow serpent”. I have a post coming soon about Freemasonry and colors, as well as another post about the significance of the number 33. For now, just know that “Masonry” = 33, “Order” = 33, “Federal” = 33, “Police” = 33, and “Secrecy” = 33. Also, 111 is just 666 using the base-60 number system, which I will discuss later.

She then sings about the moon, saying the light has “always been inside of you” referring to their Satanic Illuminati possession, while approaching the Octagon Pedophile Castle, preparing to form an Octagon with her dancers.

So they form an octagon, which as I have said before is an ancient symbol of the Mesopotamian Egyptian Knights Templar, right next to an octagon building. I don’t think it could be any more obvious, except that there are octagons all over the place at this castle of the Knights Templar, containing the Templar cross.

This is UNDENIABLE evidence this video was a Knights Templar ritual by the Freemason Catholic Church out of Mesopotamia and Egypt. But there’s more.

The music video is exactly 3:53, or 3 minutes and 53 seconds in duration, and 353 is the 71st prime number, corresponding with how “Catholic” = 71.

Next, I will show you the great significance of the numerology of the name of this song, “Firework”. Notice how it is not plural, to contrive numerology.

Don’t forget the Illuminati was formed on 5/1/1776.

Notice the overlap of “Firework” and “New York” corresponding with the location that this song was recorded at, New York City, New York, a very 666 themed city. 111 is always 666 using the base-60 Sumerian number system which is where these Octagon Templars are from.

Finally, I will show you the completely contrived ritual of the name “Katy Perry” and how it relates to who is responsible for this piece of Egyptian propaganda, “Freemasonry”.

139 is the 34th prime number, corresponding with “Knights” Templar, “Hebrew” and “Holiest”, which is what these Masons pretend to be.

In conclusion, I hope that you learned that this was nothing more than a piece of propaganda by the Freemason Catholic Church designed only to distract you and possess you with some sort of inner Illuminati “light” trick. The word “Illuminati” literally means “illuminated” or “enlightened” but it is just a trick as they operate in opposites as seen from the chessboard, and their “light” is really just “darkness”.

The Occult Symbolism Behind The Waddell & Reed Logo and Gematria Decode

In this post I will show you the occult Masonic symbolism behind the company called “Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc”. We will examine their logo and history. Let’s begin. Here is the Waddell & Reed logo below:

They sure do like the color green, eh?

As you can see from their logo, they use a Masonic pyramid structure that is very similar to what is found on the dollar bill, missing the capstone. The only difference with this logo is that there is 6 divisions of the pyramid, whereas the dollar bill pyramid has 13 divisions, both of which are very occult numbers.

Now, let’s examine the history of this financial institution, in light of knowing that they use Masonic symbolism on their logo, and understanding the ancient occult system of numerology that Freemasonry utilizes on a daily basis called “gematria”.

According to Wikipedia, this financial company was formed on September 3rd, 1937. We will discuss the date numerology later, but for now, just notice it was a date that is written 9/3, like 93. This corresponds with the gematria of the name of their company using the most simple cipher, the alphabetical order, as seen below.

The word “and” is not included in this calculation.

The number 93 is a very occult number, as the word “Saturn” = 93, the planet which represents “Satan”, and in the occult religion founded by Aleister Crowley called Thelema, the number 93 was the most significant number.

For the next Masonic connection to this company, let’s investigate the gematria of the town that they are headquarted in, “Overland Park, Kansas”.

The number 137 is a very Masonic number, which connects to the Freemasons logo, which is a square at 90 degrees and a compass at 47 degrees, where “90+47” = 137, which is the 33rd prime number. 33 is the number of degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

As you can see on their logo above, their motto is “Investing. With a plan.” This overlaps with the motto of the Grand Lodge of Kansas Freemasonry, which is “Misteria non Scripta” or in English, “Unwritten Mysteries”. The unwritten mysteries they are referring to is the FACT that Freemasonry is a 6000 year old Ancient Mesopotamian Egyptian Knights Templar Catholic Cult that set up our entire financial economic banking system, as well as their ritual human sacrifice and pedophilia practices. You definitely won’t find THAT written in any mainstream history books whatsoever. But this doesn’t mean that it is untrue. It just means that it is an “unwritten mystery”, like Kabbalah and the Bible was before it was written down.

Please see my last post if you wish to understand more about the significance of the number 88, which is titled “Pope Francis Mocks Humanity on the day leaving 88 days left in the year.”

In conclusion, this is just another Freemason Illuminati bank of the Knights Templar that is here to steal your money and lie to you. Stay tuned for more Masonic banks that I will expose soon.

The Significance of the Number 17 – Part One

In this post you will learn the significance of the number 17 within subjects such as mathematics, language/literature, religion, architecture, secret societies, government, and entertainment such as music, movies and TV shows. I will try to cover as much as possible in one post, but this may be split into multiple parts for readability.

First, I will show you the significance of the number 17 to mathematics. I want to start by defining the term prime number. For those who don’t know, a prime number is a number that does NOT DIVIDE into any number other than itself and one. Here is a list of the first eight prime numbers: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19. It is also important to remember that one is said to NOT be prime, and counting it as such will mess up the order.

The prime numbers would have been very obvious to the ancients, as all four base math operations were being used by them, so all it would take is dividing the first couple of numbers to discover the primes. We have physical evidence that the ancient Egyptians knew about prime numbers from the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus, but it was possibly a much older discovery, as evidenced by the Ishango bone, as well as the highly advanced Sumerian numerology system. Given the significant trade of knowledge and items from Sumeria to Egypt, I’m guessing that they were discovered first in Mesopotamia and then spread to Egypt and elsewhere (along with much other knowledge as well).

The reason I want you to know prime numbers were an ancient discovery of these old civilizations is because I want you to know that THEY KNEW that the 7th prime number is 17. Not only did they know this, but they also knew that the sum of the first 4 prime numbers is 17, meaning that “2+3+5+7” = 17. Notice also that 7 is the 4th prime number. I will do a separate post about the significance of the numbers 74 and 47, but for now I want to show you the importance of the numbers 4 and 7 to the ancients.

Starting with the number 4, this number represents the square with 4 sides. The base of a pyramid is square, with 4 triangular sides. Mathematics also has 4 base operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The number 4 also most importantly represents the “Tetragrammaton“, which is the four-letter name of God in Hebrew. Here is a picture below:

From right-to-left, He is the 5th letter, Waw is the 6th letter, He is the 5th letter, and Yod is the 10th letter.

So not only does this name of God consist of 4 letters, with the sum of the first 4 prime numbers equating to 17, as well as 17 being the 7th prime, and 7 being the 4th prime, but also using Hebrew gematria, the name of God actually equates to 17 as well. This is because “5+6+5+1” = 17. Yod is counting as 1 instead of 10 using the reduction cipher because “1+0” = 1. In English, God has the same gematria value because G is 7, O is 6, and D is 4, as seen below:

Now that you know the significance of the number 4, lets move on to the number 7. The significance of this number should be more obvious given that we divide each week into 7 days, and the Jewish story of creation is that YHWH created the world in 7 days.

The number 7 is a very symbolic number to the ancients in many ways, not only because its the 4th prime number, but also because “3+4” = 7, with the number 4 representing the square on the Pyramid, and the number 3 representing the triangle on the Pyramid, as seen above. Also, for another connection to the number 17, “17 x 2″ = 34. Don’t forget Kansas is the 34th state remembered for the 34th president, with 34 stars on its flag, with the 34 the highest population, and the 34th most number of coronavirus cases in the United States, with the government headquarters that equates to 34. “Topeka, Kansas” = 34.

Anyway, before I get too off topic, please see this article if you want to learn more about the number 7:

The most important takeaways from this article are that:

  1. Seven is considered a “God Number” by the Pharaohs of Egypt.
  2. There are seven astronomical objects visible to the naked eye that move, which include the: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.
  3. There were seven degrees of the Cult of Mithras, with the seventh being the Saturnian degree.
  4. There are supposedly seven colors in the rainbow, with this being a famous Judaic and ancient symbol for the rainbow serpent.
  5. Greek philosophy began with the “Seven Sages”.
  6. In Judaism and Mesopotamian mythology, the universe is made of exactly seven heaves.
  7. Inanna/Ishtar is said to have descended to the underworld through seven gates.

Now that you know the significance of 4 and 7, as well as their mathematical relationship to the number 17, we can now focus more specifically on the ancient significance of the number 17 apart from these mathematical reasons.

As I have already mentioned, the name of God sums to 17 in the contrived languages of both English and Hebrew. This is not the only religious or mythological connection however. In the Bible, the patriarch Jacob lives 17 years after his son Joseph goes missing, and lives for another 17 years after their reunion in Egypt. Abraham is said to have lived to 175 years old, and the factors of 175 sum to 17. The same pattern can be observed with Jacob, who is said to have lived to 147 years total, and the factors of 147 sum to 17. Further, in Egyptian mythology, it is said that Osiris’s life came to an end on the 17th day of the month, and in Freemasonry the 17th degree is known as the “Knight of the East and the West”, corresponding with the fact that Freemasonry began on a Catholic holiday in the year 1717. This was the 175th day of the year, also known as 6/24/1717 or Saint Johns Feast Day, and I have already mentioned that the factors of 175 sum to none other than 17.

In conclusion, in this post I covered part of the significance of the number 17, from its anciently known mathematical relationship to the numbers 4 and 7, as well as to parts of history, religion, language, and secret societies that clearly utilize this number. In the next post, I will expand upon what you have already learned here, and show you the specific usage of 17 numerology, which I call the “God number”, with numerous examples of architecture, government, and especially the entertainment industry.

The Number of the Beast Ritual by the Government of Topeka, Kansas, the Grand Lodge of Kansas Freemasons, Topeka #17 Lodge, Google LLC, and Alphabet Inc.

In this post, you will learn how Freemasonry uses an ancient practice of spell casting and numerology through contriving letters and numbers in words to perform mind control rituals. This practice is called “gematria”, and it is a very ancient practice, even being used in the oldest portions of the Bible, such as Genesis, by this very same cult.

For those who are not aware, the city of Topeka, Kansas is the government headquarters (capital city) of the State of Kansas. I have a post and video coming soon discussing the architecture and location of the Kansas Capitol Building in Topeka, but that will be in a different post.

For now, I just want to discuss the contrived zip codes of Topeka, Kansas, which are 66601-66699. By taking a look at the included zip code map below, one should be able to easily conclude that this is not simply a “coincidence”, as no other city in the state of Kansas (or in United States for that matter) has 666 as the first 3 digits of its zip code.

Topeka, the capital city of Kansas is in the top right of this image at 666.

When you combine this with the fact that Topeka is NOT ONLY the government headquarters of the entire state, but ALSO the headquarters of the Kansas Freemasons which is located at the “Masonic Grand Lodge Building” right next to the Kansas Capitol building entrance tunnel, and right next to the Jesuit Catholic Church, you can definitively tell that this was a “conspiracy” to “contrive” a number of the beast “ritual” upon the unwitting citizens of Topeka.

The new Microsoft Edge browser, which runs completely on the Google Chrome browser, also very prominently features a 666 as I tried my best to show with this graphic I made.

As I discussed in my first post titled “Link to my YouTube Channel”, I pointed out how the Google Chrome logo is actually a 666. But this is unfortunately not their only connection to this ancient occult “number of the beast”.

On March 1st, 2010, the Mayor of Topeka, Bill Bunten (who was formerly in the Kansas House of Representatives and Kansas Senate), announced that he would be changing the name of “Topeka, Kansas” to “Google, Kansas”, in “honor” of the company Google LLC. Then, in retaliation, on April 1st, 2010, Google announced that it would be changing its name to “Topeka Search”. Here is some links to news stories if you don’t believe me:

To the untrained eye, this would look like just a silly gesture by the Mayor of Topeka in order to attract Google’s attention for their Fiber Optics project, but unfortunately this is not the case. Rather, it is a numerology ritual with the sole intention of deceiving you further into using this secret society spyware known as “Google” and “Alphabet Inc”. Now I will show you the even more undeniable evidence to prove this point using their ancient numerology systems.

First, let’s start with the day that this proclamation was issued 3/1/2010. March 1st is a day that is written much like the number 31, a number with a huge connection to Topeka, as seen below.

At first this cipher may look confusing, but I will have another post coming soon explaining the 4 known ciphers that Freemasonry utilizes. For now, just understand that this is not a coincidence, and is rather a contrived numeric “ritual” by a very ancient secret society who rule over us against our will and use this system to control us every single day.

Next, from the date 3/1/2010, the date of Mayor Bill Bunten’ proclamation, to the date that Google announced its name change, 4/1/2010, was a span of EXACTLY 31 days.

This is absolutely UNDENIABLE evidence that this was a contrived ritual by the Freemasons. Don’t forget that the 31st degree and onward of Freemasonry are a totally separate group of rituals under the domain of the “Albert Pike Consistory”. See this link for more info:

If you still don’t believe that this was a gematria ritual by the secret society of Freemasonry, which is owned and operated by the Catholic Church, just keep reading because there is much more to discover. The Mayor of Topeka at the time, his full name was “William Wallace Bunten” = 77, a number which we will get back to later that connects directly to the Grand Lodge of Kansas, but the name that he usually goes by and is the title of his Wikipedia page is “Bill Bunten”, a name with alphabetical order gematria of none other than 666. This is NOT a coincidence.

This is the most straightforward cipher where A = 1, and Z = 26.

The reason “Bill Bunten” equates to 666 is because in the Sumerian number system, which was invented by the Freemasons over 6000 years ago, they use the Base-60 number system, and we use the Base-10 system, so everything is multiplied by 6. Don’t forget that Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun. Still think this is all a coincidence? Then keep on reading.

Former Mayor of Topeka “Bill Bunten” supposedly died on 2/29/2020, a date with none other than 111 numerology when using the Masonic Calendar, as well as the 60th day of the year. See below for a full decode:

Let’s break all this information down, I understand it probably looks complicated for a beginner to this study, so I’ll expose it step by step.

  • First, this was a date with “2+29” = 31 numerology, corresponding with how “Topeka” = 31, the town that he was the Mayor of, as well as the span of days that we discussed earlier from his proclamation on 3/1/2010 to Google’ “April Fools” joke on 4/1/2020. See the images below to learn how “April Fools” overlaps in all 4 base ciphers with the word “Conspiracy”
  • Second, this was the 60th day of the year, corresponding with the Sumerian Base-60 number system from over 6000 years ago, as well as his name gematria in the “Reverse Full Reduction” cipher, not by accident.
  • Third, this was the day leaving 306 days left in the year, corresponding with the address of the first Masonic Lodge in Kansas, Smithton #1, at 306 W Main St, Highland, KS, 66035. This lodge and the Grand Lodge of Kansas was founded on 3/17/1856, which was the 77th day of the year, a number which connects to his full name gematria and more Jewish related words. Also, if you ignore the 0 in the address, the number 36 is very significant in relation to 666, because 666 is the 36th triangular number, meaning that when you add “1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9……etc” all the way to 36, you get 666. The reason it is called a “triangular number” (with the triangle being a prominent symbol of the Freemasons and Catholics) is because you can stack dots of numbers with the base being 36 dots to the top being 1 dot, and the sum of all the dots being the number 666. Also, the square root of 36 is 6.
  • Fourth, using the Gregorian Calendar system of AD/CE this was a date with 71 & 35 numerology, corresponding with the gematria of “Catholic” = 71 & 35. Also, this was a date with 17 & 51 numerology, corresponding with the numerals of the two most prominent Masonic Lodges in Topeka, which are located next to the Capitol Building, “Topeka #17” and “Orient #51“. The reason these numbers are significant is because “God” = 17 in English and in Hebrew, and modern Freemasonry began on a Catholic Holiday in the year 1717. Also, the number 51 corresponds with the gematria of “Conspiracy” = 51, as well as “April Fools”, and the date that the “Illuminati” was founded upon, 5/1/1776. This is what a Masonic Conspiracy looks like.
  • Fifth, let’s look at the Masonic Calendar system of AL, which is 4000 years later than the current one, meaning the current year is 6020 AL for the Freemasons (as of 2020). Using their AL system, there is date numerology of 111 and 39, overlapping perfectly with the alphabetical gematria of “Bill Bunten”, as well as the word “Secrecy” = 111 & 39 which is what he was sworn to by this secret cult.

I am almost done showing you how the Freemasons use this spell casting matrix to mind control the citizens Topeka, Kansas by forcing you against your will to learn their contrived bullshit language called English based on their Knights Templar Rosicrucian Royal Society Catholic King James Bible, but there is one last riddle that I was able to find relating to this specific ritual.

On October 2nd, 2015, Google founded a new parent company called “Alphabet Inc.” that would contain their equity under a subsidiary called “XXVI Holdings”, which is the Roman numerals for the number 26, just like English is a Latin language with 26 letters, just like “God” = 26 in English and in Hebrew. See this linked article to learn how the CEO of Google said in would contain more than 26 companies in a total Government Ritual mocking all of humanity:

For the final connection that I was able to find directly between Topeka, Kansas and Google Inc, we must look at the date that the first Masonic Temple to be chartered in Topeka, named “Topeka #17“, was founded upon, which was October 18th, 1859. From the creation of “Alphabet Inc” by Google, to the anniversary of the creation of “Topeka #17” was a span of EXACTLY 17 days.

I hope by the end of this article I have made it very clear to you that the Government at the top levels is completely owned and operated by the secret societies of Freemasonry and the Catholic Church, and that they use a very consistent system of MOCKERY in the news media to systematically mind control all of us into continuing to be obedient servants for their civilization and agendas that they have created. If you still are unsure, then stay tuned to this website, because this is only one of very many rituals that I will expose.

I have much more information coming soon, especially regarding the history of the secret societies in relation to the practice of numerology and language modification through writing systems, and decoding our lying entertainers and actors and their satanic secret society symbolism that they use. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and keep fighting to find the TRUTH!

Here are some useful links for further research: