On January 23rd 2021 I pointed out how this was a date with 33 numerology when using the Masonic Calendar.

Then later in the propaganda that day it was reported that the POLICE from Kansas and Los Angeles had been conducting an operation since January 11th 2021 to “rescue” EXACTLY 33 children from sex trafficking.

Notice that the date of the beginning of the “operation” was ALSO a date with 33 numerology.

The name of the event was called “Operation Lost Angels”. Take a look at the gematria.

Again the day that this was announced was a date with 105 numerology and “Masonry” = 105. Notice also the 84, corresponding again with “Masonry” = 84, as well as “Jesuit” = 84 and “Zionism” = 105 & 84. Don’t forget that the first Jesuit Pope, Pope Francis is EXACTLY 84 years old right now.

In conclusion, this piece of propaganda from the “Police” = 33 was a false flag to trick you into believing the LIE that the government is against child sex trafficking, when in reality both the Democrats and Republicans, including Donald Trump and Joe Biden, are both intimately involved in an ancient Catholic Egyptian Freemasonic CANNIBALISTIC PEDOPHILE CULT.

$5,600 tip during “Coronavirus” = 56 at Ohio Souk Kitchen – Perfect Example of Contrived Jesuit Catholic Propaganda

On 12/12/2020, it was reported that a man named “Billy” walked into an Ohio restaurant and tipped EXACTLY $5600 dollars for EXACTLY 28 employees. In this article, I will show you just how numerologically contrived this news story is, and how it is linked perfectly synced with the Freemasons and Catholics.

To start, take a look at the name of the restaurant.

Next take a look at the date numerology.

They said exactly 28 employees received the tip.

Notice also that they used a Catholic symbol to represent the 12 apostles to cover the tippers name. Also, the address of the restaurant is at 139.

This was a piece of contrived Ohio propaganda from the Catholic Church.

1/5/2021 – DAILY DECODE / 47, 87, 11, 15, 36/360

Today is a date with 47 numerology. That is why today in the news it was announced that “Trump” = 47, and exactly 47 others had been charged with a “red notice” by Iran.

Notice also they emphasize that it was 48 people total. Tomorrow is a date with 48 numerology, and check out the name gematria of “Donald Trump”. This story will probably be in the news by the numbers tomorrow as well.

Today is also a date with 11 and 15 numerology when using the AD and AL calendars respectively. That is why in Vietnam today there were three journalists sentenced to between 11 and 15 years.

This is how the Illuminati contrives their propaganda every single day all over the world. This is what happens when you let a globalist secret society religion take over the whole planet with their bullshit numerology.

Today is the day leaving 360 days left in the year, a lot like the number 36, which as I’ve stated before connects with “the number of the beast”.

The Catholic Church worships “Mithras” as “Baphomet” or “Satan”.

Why Vanilla Ice was Featured in the Propaganda Yesterday

This is an example of an example of a Freemason Catholic government agent.

Yesterday was a date with 43 numerology, and I specifically said to watch for Florida related propaganda in yesterdays date decode, because “Florida” = 43.

Later in the day, a story was published about Vanilla Ice and Rudy Giuliani partying in FLORIDA at the Mar-a-Lago mansion.

When understanding the ancient occult practice of coding numbers into letters and words, it gives you the ability to see through the scripted contrived nonsense put out in the news propaganda EVERY SINGLE DAY.

As for Rudy Giuliani, check out his contrived name gematria.

This all starts to “add-up” when you realize that Rudy Giuliani went to the Private Catholic high school and private Catholic College.

In conclusion, this was another perfect example of contrived fake news by the Catholic Church, who both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are actors for.

Josh Hawley – Contrived Skull and Bones, Yale, Missouri, Masonic Catholic Propaganda

Here you can see that they are doing the same alignment that we have seen with Joe Biden photographs, making sure to take the photo so the head is ALWAYS within the circle for Catholic symbolism.

As stated earlier today, I said there would be Yale related propaganda today because today is a date with 43 numerology, and “Yale” = 43. Josh Hawley is a graduate of Yale and probably of Skull and Bones as well.

Not only is Josh Hawley’s birthday on a day with “12+31” = 43 numerology, corresponding with “Masonic” = 43, but the date on which he was born has 33 numerology, corresponding with “Masonry” = 33, “Secrecy” = 33, “Federal” = 33, “Order” = 33, “Society” = 33, and “Police” = 33.

It was in the year 1979, corresponding with “Society of Jesus” = 79.

Notice also that his name gematria fits perfectly with “Catholic” = 71.

And finally notice where he went to high school, the JESUIT HIGH SCHOOL.

Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, Missouri, a known Jewish/Italian (Jesuit) mafia headquarters, as verified by a close family member. This is where he was recruited and trained to be a government agent for the Illuminati. He also taught at the Illuminati St Paul’s School for the Catholic Church of England, and he wrote a biography promoting Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th Freemason president.

Today is another day with Missouri numerology and that is why he is in the headlines today again.

Don’t forget he was the 42nd Missouri Attorney General as well, “Freemason” = 42, “Jesuit” = 42.

In conclusion this is just another actor for the Catholic Church, Freemasons, and Zionist Jews, promoting a fake political system that is easy to see through.