Notice the Halo symbolism that is typical of ancient Illuminati Catholic Saints and Jewish Kings.
Completely contrived 306 ritual. “Masonry” = 33, “Federal” = 33, “Secrecy” = 33, “Society” = 33, date with “11+24” = 35, “Catholic”= 35 numerology.

They are using the colors of the Pharaohs of the House of Red, White and Blue and Purple to represent by the Pharaonic royal aristocratic bloodline from Egypt.


In this post, you will learn how the last two days of predicted propaganda were staged theatrical rituals of the Catholic Freemasons (Knights Templars) and the Jesuit Order who are operating by an ancient Jewish practice of Gematria, derived from the even more ancient Egyptian and Sumerian Mystery Teachings.

November 20th, 2020 was a date with Catholic numerology, and multiple major Catholic headlines “coincidentally” were featured in the news on this day.

The day before was also significant because it was a date with “Vatican” and “Francis” numerology, and there were multiple “Vatican” related headlines.

As you can see, these dates were ripe for Pope Francis and Catholic related headlines. That is why today, after nearly 40 years of sexual assaults upon young children, the archbishop of Washington D.C. was finally formally charged for his actions in a completely contrived court case. It is not an accident that this law group has a pyramid logo. They are just the Freemasons pretending to fight against the evils of the ancient Secret Societies, but instead they are secretly working together to contrive this symbolical numerology ritual.


Two days ago, I predicted that you would see a Jerusalem themed ritual on 11/19/2020, because of the history of the Knights Templar being founded in Jerusalem around the years 1119 AD- 1120 AD. Today, 11/19/2020, that prediction came true, as evidenced by the numerous articles I linked above about the Secretary of State from Kansas, Mike Pompeo, traveling to Jerusalem to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu in an “unprecedented” event. – Here is my post where I predicted what would happen on this date just knowing its numerological significance to the cult.

In this post I will show you how this is yet another example of a by-the-numbers ritual by the Catholic Church.

As you can see from Mike Pompeo’ Wikipedia article, he is the 70th United States Secretary of State, and today he is featured in the news on a date with 70 numerology.

This is also a date with 34 numerology, and Mike Pompeo is from the 34th state, Kansas, a state with a very Jewish history and a high degree of affinity with the extremely Satanic State of Israel.

From the date that Mike Pompeo participated in this ritual to his upcoming birthday is a span of exactly 1 month and 11 days, much like the number 111. His full name, “Michael Richard Pompeo” = 111, which is 666 in Sumerian. If you are unaware of the connection between the state of Kansas, the state of Israel, and the number 666, please see this post:

In conclusion, this is more evidence to substantiate exactly what I feared would happen today, a Satanic Jewish ritual by the Catholic Church. If there is a deeper riddle here, please let me know and I will update this post later.

Community America Credit Union EXPOSED – Jewish Egyptian Catholic Freemason Knights Templar Symbolism

In this article, you will learn how the Egyptian Knights Templar Freemasons have created yet another bank logo with their secret society symbolism. Please see my first bank-related post about Waddell & Reed so you can better understand how this is not a coincidence, but rather a ritualistically contrived systematic pattern of financial logos using the sacred geometrical knowledge taught to the initiated few in their secret societies for the materialistic benefit and mockery of the completely enslaved humanity:

As you can see, they are using the same pyramid found in Egypt, the same pyramid found on the dollar bill, the same pyramid found on or in every Masonic lodge, and the same pyramid found on numerous other banks and organizations throughout the world.

You will have to decide for yourself if you want to believe that everything I am showing you is just as the government tells you, a “coincidence”, or rather what I am showing you is an actual secret society “conspiracy”, that they control the worlds economic system, and these banks and credit unions are just more examples of that “conspiracy”.

Here is the image of the Waddell and Reed logo.

Here is the logo for the Kansas Freemason Foundation.

And here is another logo from the Kansas Freemason Foundation. Clearly, they are very obsessed with the Egyptian pyramids, which “coincidentally” is on the most basic piece of our paper monetary system, the one dollar bill.

Next, I will show you the even more undeniable evidence related specifically to the “Community America Credit Union”.

On the Wikipedia page, it states that the Community America Bank has EXACTLY 33 BRANCHES. This is THE number of the Scottish Rite, who are descended from the Knights Templars, who created our modern day financial system.

Stay tuned because I have more evidence exposing pretty much every financial institution in existence on both a local and national level. Thank you for reading and sharing this research.

Prediction – Knights Templar ritual on November 19th, 2020

The date November 19th, 2020, is written in the United States as 11/19. This is a lot like the number 1119, which is the year AD that the Knights Templar were created by Hugues de Payens in Jerusalem. In this post, I will examine the date numerology of this date, as well as 11/20/2020, because of the significance of the Council of Nablus being held in the year 1120 on January 16th.

To start, here is what is interesting about 11/19/2020.

This will be a date with 34 numerology, corresponding with the gematria of “Knights” = 34, and more.

This is also the day leaving 42 days left in the year, a number significant to Egypt, Christianity and the Freemasons.

The following date also has interesting numerology, 11/20/2020. This will be a date with “Catholic” numerology.

I have already documented evidence of the Illuminati doing rituals by these numbers on this website before, so be prepared for a major “event” on one of these days.